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its been over a year since I even signed into my EP with all the drama that seemed to go through this message board. So to start Ill re-introduce myself. My name is Catherine Schwartz Ive been married over a year, and about 2 months ago my husband got home from Afghanistan. Im 19 and this is my second time living in Jacksonville NC. I remember that Justin and I met and a week later he left to go to SOI, I lived in MN and he went to Soi in CA, then he got stationed in NC. For a little over a year him and I did the whole long distance thing, We were only "together" in person for a total of three weeks. But let me tell you that helped not only our relationship out so much but It REALLY helped out in the deployment. Thankfully Justin came home alright- all three of his original roomates came home due to being shot in the legs or being hit by IED, I always gave him crap telling him to watch his legs lol. I think over the whole deployment I heard from him a total of 30 times which sounds like a lot till you strech that over 6 months...and you take about 15 of those for the beginning/end of the deployment. And Ill tell you there were times that all of us broke but it was a lottt easier than i thought it would be...the hard part was when they got back. My one piece of advice to yall out there about to go through a deployment is to get in contact with the other wives/ girlfriends/ and fiances that are in your husbands company because those girls became family to me. They are the only ones that know exactly what your going through:)
I hope yall have a WONDERFUL, and Safe weekend

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welcome back! my name is Katie, my boyfriend is currently stationed in japan, and he'll be going on a "mission/ delpoyment" to the phillipines soon, but he'll only be gone for a month. 'I'm really curious how they change when they get home from deployments from afganistan, i'm not worried about it right now but i know that we will all have to deal that at some point.

Hey I am Aly and I have been on here for awhile too and I didnt keep up with it because yes there was a lot of drama on here, I have been back on here about 3 months and have not had any trouble at all. all the girls are really nice this time around thank goodness. But welcome back. I am glad that your man made it back safe. I hope that all of his friends that got hurt are doing ok now. And thank you for the depolyment info. I know that I will be dealing with that soon enough. Hope you have a good weekend as well take care. <br />
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Hi!! Firstly welcome back you dont know me. Well I'm Sam and Jason is my husband we got married a month ago but have been going out for three and a half years and i just recently found out that i'm pregnant. Jason is still in training and i'm in Hawaii at the moment but i know what you mean our realtionship stepped up to the next level and we are so much stronger than ever before and i really really think it had everything to do with us trusting each other completely and made us for the first time start talking about things we avoided before any of this happened!! <br />
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anyway welcome back!!