Boyfriend/husband In Parris Island For Boot Camp?

hey everyone (: my marine left june 28 for bootcamp and is in parris island. is anyones man in 3rd BN india co plt 3078? if so message me or something!! graduation is 48 days away woohooo! i miss my babe<3
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6 Responses Aug 5, 2010

well im happpy you found someone lol damn!

Heyyy(: My boyfriend is in 3rd BN, India Co, PLT 3073 too! message mee, we should talkk (:<br />
<br />
- Semper Fi, Sasha

i hope so!! i would love to find someone who has a man in the same plt at mine haha that would be awesome i know its gonna fly thankgod! im counting down like its my job haha we been together for 4 yrs basically highschool sweethearts i just miss him alot thanks for the support ladies!

Hey girl 48 days that is great yall have come so far, my boyfriend is not in that platoon but he graduates a week from today and I cant wait. He is at Parris Island too. Like Sam said the time will really fly by. I didnt believe it but it really does. =) good luck girl if you need help with anything let me know I can tell you all about graduation after next friday.. =)

48 days is going to fly by for you HANG IN THERE i know how excited you are about this!!!

Hey girl! My fiance is in 3rd BN, India Co, PLT 3073.<br />
AWW! So close! But, do you need help with anything? Because I will be glad to help you out as best as I can (:<br />
Semper Fi<3