My Marine Just Left And I Need Help

My name is Kaitlyn...My fiance just left to basic training in California....He left just Monday...He isn't going to be back until October 29th. I am only 16 and I am also expecting. The baby is due in February. I still havent got my first letter saying that he is there. But I did get the call. I stayed up until midnight. Then right as I was dozing off the phone rang. I was shaking...All he got to say was he was there, safe and that he loved me...That is the last contact I have had with him. We have been together for around 4 years. And for the last almost 6 months we have been living together. This is so hard. Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I have ever done. I am waiting on that first letter but I am starting to think it will never come.I really need some support from anyone that is willing...All my friends have pretty much left me because they found out I was pregnant. I am still in school...I will be a junior this year..I just need to hear from other peopel that have been through this what they did..I sit up at night listening to old voice mails he left me before he left...And I hug his pillow all night trying to make myself feel like it is him. I wear his clothes all day long and I can't go through one day with out crying. Can anyone please help me :'(
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Hey there! I'm Laura, I was pregnant while my husband was at boot, too. The first couple weeks of him being gone is the worst, and then you sort of get back into a routine of being alone. I wrote really long letters to my husband every single day. I also went to church a lot, and people were supportive and awesome. I also worked a lot, but it sounds like you'll be busy with school, so that will help. Boot is just the first step of Marine Corps life. You just have to see it like this big adventure. Make sure you are very positive in your letters to him, even if you feel like crap. And try to eat healthy and do mild exercise and have a healthy pregnancy. Your difficult experiences are what make you strong. Do you have supportive family around? That is cruel of your friends to ditch you when you need their support. But I guess that shows you who your real friends are.

Hey, I'm Lauren.<br />
My boyfriend is still in boot camp too; he graduates September 24th. Don't stress about getting letters the first few weeks. I didn't get my first letter until full weeks after he left. They aren't supposed to write letters for the first ten days or something, and it takes a looooong time for letters to get to and from boot camp for some reason. <br />
He called me the day he left at like four in the morning. I had stayed up all night texting him, and unfortunately I slept through the call. But I had a voicemail and I literally played it hundreds of times each day. But my phone deleted it after a month, which was my birthday. That was a wonderful present, going to my inbox to hear his voice and finding out it was gone. <br />
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Okay. And I don't know what it's like to be pregnant, but I know how it feels to be suddenly ditched by all your friends. Try to reconnect with old friends. They'll be glad to hear from you and catch up on what's going on. And, of course, you can find friends through support groups like this:)<br />
<br />
And yes, you're gonna miss him. And it's okay to sit around in his clothes and mope, but you have to stay strong for him. At first, I was like that too. I barely ate anything for two weeks until I got that first letter. He told me he was worried sick that something was wrong with me and that's when I realized that I have to get myself together. It makes things so much easier for him if he knows you're alright. Try to stay busy, even if just involves getting obsessed with EP. Don't focus on the three months he'll be gone; focus on the day you get him back. Plan the best homecoming party EVER. <br />
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Sorry I just wrote you a novel, but you can message me if you want to talk or if you ever need anything.