Tomorrow my boyfriend finds out when he leaves to bootcamp...and its really hitting me hard...i want to know when he leaves bc then i know how long we have with eachother and we could make everything really special...but at the same time im really scared because it could be anytime...idk what to do..idk what to think or how to handle not going to know how to feel when he tells me the day he leaves...what do i do when i find this information out? Im not going to know how to handle knowing my boyfriend leaves and i only have a certain amount of time left with him...this really scares i do i cope with this feeling?
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

Hey, Well you have to accept this is what he wants to do and you gotta stand by him. It is going to be hard but you have to just understand that the harder you take it the worse he is going to feel. One other thing you have to remember this is the Marine Corp, nothing is set in stone my boyfrends date change so many times, I didnt even believe it until right before he left. It is something that everyone has to deal with in there own way. I love to run and I also rodeo so when I would get sad or feeling bad I would go for a run or I would put my horse on the barrel pattern. It just all depends on what you like to do. But when you get really upset do something to take your mind off of it. There is a quote that I like, "if you cant change it, dont dwell on it" and it is true you cant change him being gone all you can do is accept it and support him and let him know that you are behind him and will write him. I never let Trey see my cry about it, until about a month before he left. If i would get upset when he was around I would walk away and make my tears dry up. It is hard on them too, to leave there family, friends, and girl friend behind that is why it is so important for him to know that you are going to be ok with this. I know girl it is hard but you have to be the strongest you can be for him right now. Don't get me wrong it is hard... and there were days right after he left that I cried i cried all day anything and everything would make me cry, but he doesnt have to know that. He just needs to know that I am standing beside him and supporting him. Which I am doing it is just hard and you miss him. When he tells you just say ok babe this is how many days we have left to spend with each other... What all do you want to do??? And makes plans and have fun. Spend as much time together as you can, and try not to fight. But really just try your hardest to just say ok, well i have to accept this and this is what we have to do... I hope this helps I know it is kind of long sorry. Good luck girl if you need anything just message me. Boot camp really does fly by I promise. My boyfriend is at the warrior breakfast right now and graduates in 6 days and i get to see him in 5 so even though at first you feel like it is never gonna be over it really will I promise. and it is the most exciting feeling getting ready to go up there. Try to think positive, this is a great thing that he is doing for yall as a couple in the future, for our country and for himself. Everything will work out. Be strong and tough... <br />
Semper Fi <br />