hey girls! how's everyone been?? I havent been on and the bf been tryin to figure things out. he's just finishing his MOS in virginia so I took the baby and went down to see him and everythings been good since then. he got his orders and it looks like hes going to be stationed in SC and is getting deployed to Japan in january.  he's been really distant since he found out. I know its going to be hard but it seems like hes ready to break up with me because hes getting deployed and doesnt think we can handle it. he's always talking about how he doesnt wanna get set up and leave and come back and have me find someone else. but knowing our situation...having been together for so long, we have a daughter...i dont understand why he would do that...hes afraid of me finding someone else but if he breaks up with me how does that help if he doesnt want to see me with anyone else...and its not like hes gonna be living in a monestary or sure theres a bunch of tag chasers in japan just like in the states...ugh. advice anyone??
xoReneexo19 xoReneexo19
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010