Hardest Goodbye Of My Life

So my marine and I have had some tough patches in our relationship but we've worked things out and just got back together recently. Today was the last time I gotta see him before he leaves to boot camp. When we said our final goodbyes not to long ago I cried. And I'm still crying cause I don't want him to leave but I know I have to let him go. I just wish I could put time on hold right now cause I don't want him to leave tomorrow. I just don't know what I'm gunna do not being able to talk to him at all. And I know it's gunna be awhile before I get my first letter from him. I don't want him to leave :'(
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1 Response Aug 7, 2010

Hey girl! I know how you feel. My Fiance at the time left within 24 hours... His recruitor called him the day before and asked him to leave 3 months early for boot. It was devastating and hard, but you will get through it. Write him everyday. Sleep in his old shirts with his cologne. Plan your trip to his boot graduation. Ity was about 2 1/2 weeks in when i got a letter from Brandon. When he graduated, i forgot about all the time apart! We got married and are happuily married. The time apart makes you realize how much you truly love him and want him adn need him in your life. Be sure to tell him that in every single one of your letters. Stay strong girlfriend and Semper Fi.