My Marine

Hey Ladies, Well I can officially say that I am a Marines girlfriend. He called me yesterday.... I was so surpirised that he called me I thought that he would call his dad. But I was sure glad to talk to him. We got to talk for a little over 20 minutes. and It was so good to hear his voice.. This is how the conversation went...

Aly- Hello
Trey- Hey sweetheart
Aly- Hey Baby
long pause.......
Aly- Well babe whats the deal did you make it....
Trey. Baby (long pause) umm baby I am a UNITED STATES MARINE....
Aly---- jumping up and down  saying yes yes yes... Thank GOD... I have been on pens and needles waiting to hear something
Trey- I know baby I called as soon as we got liberty...

Then we just got to talk and he told me stories and It was great... I have to say all you girls that said i would be shaking and freaking out I was... I was shaking so bad but once we started just talking like normal it was fine and I loved every second I had him on the phone... So I will be seeing my maine in 3 days and I can not wait. I have a list a mile long to get everything ready for when he gets home but I am so excited and ready to see him. I just wanted to give yall an update.

And to those girls that are still going though boot camp... It is such a wonderful feeling to say My boyfriend is a United States Marine not a recruit or a poole but a United States Marine. The since of pride is over whelming. and those girls that have finished boot camp could you not agree with me on this??  I hope everyone is doing well. Keep the faith ladies.

Semper Fi
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Thanks girls That means so much. It has been such a help having all of yall to lean on. Thank you for getting me through this hard time. I head out tomorrow morning to parris Island so i wont be on for a little while but as soon as I can I will give everyone an update. =) One chapter down, time to move on to the next one. Stay strong ladies and I will talk to yall soon..<br />
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YAY congrats Aly!!! i agree with you completely and honestly that pride you feeling right now is going to double at the graduation and when you see and its never goes away!!! Congrats girl and enjoy every single second of it!!!

Congrats!!! :)

I agree with you Congrats girl i'm frigging smiling for you from ear to ear!! YAY enjoy every second!!

Congrats girl!! I completely agree with you!<br />
Haha our first conversation was pretty much i love you so much i miss you over and over lol.<br />
Stay strong though girl! enjoy your time with him and keep faith.

Aw, congratulations girl! I'm so happy for you! :) <br />
<br />
Semper Fi <3<br />
<br />
- Sierra.

Im so happy for you. The first phone call i got i was shaking too and i couldn't stop smiling. I also definitely feel that sense of pride for him too. Have fun at parris island and make those ten days count.

Congrats Aly. <3