Update, Been Too Long :$$

fore warning: im a jumpy writer i'm sorry!

Kay so, on July 23rd (7 months, since nick and i have been talking) i got my first letter from him, it was cute, and i cried and laughed and stared at it forever! it was short, but i don't even care :P He just updated me saying that he's now in 3rd Battalion, India Co. which he's loving, by the way! So now he's been through all 3 battalions: started in the 2nd, Hotel Co. then got moved to 1st, Alpha Co. - because of an injury- now 3rd, India Co. - because of his progress :( <3

But anyways, in his letter he told me to talk to his mom about me going to his graduation.... that was something i was kinda anxious about because i didn't want to flatout ask, but that's what i ended up doing... and his mom seem happy, and told me just to meet her in Ohio and then she would let me drive down with her and her fiancee :D I WAS SOOOOOOOO HAPPY ! there are no words to even describe how happy i was! so i talked to my mom and i think she's gonna drive me the 2 hours to Ohio, or she's gonna pay for me to fly there; So i wrote nick a letter telling him all this, i was sooooo happy :)

His new grad date is now set at september 24th, which is perfect because i will be able to take sometime off school to go down to Parris Island!

On another note though im still on my student exchange in Quebec, but i go home in 5 days :D which is also exciting seeing as i haven't seen my family in a month and a half! Anyways i'm probably leaving out lots of details so check out my Vblog on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/imdazzled
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thanks girls :) <3<br />
semper fi !<br />
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hope your doing well, and that your men are too!

Hey congrats have an awesome time and enjoy every second of it!!!! and have fun with your family thats also really cool!!

Hey i'm glad you going to his grad that frigging awesome!!! its not long now we in like the middle of August already seriously where has the year gone!!! i also totally understand the family thing my families in Boulder and i'm in Hawaii but it's fine my dad told me the other day that he thinks i was swapped at birth there's no way a true Kennedy could live so far away from home for so long and not come back with thier tail between thier legs!! i just laughed and was like thanks dad i think!! hang in there it gets better keep in contact with your family and speak on the phone as much as possible the home sickness never goes away and believe somedays are really crappy but believe me things do get better and really they only a phone call away!!