My Marine Is My World.

Hey there (:
My name is Krystyna Marie.
And, as of late, I've had an extremely hard time dealing with my Marine, Matthew, being away :/
So, I joined this to help pass the time, and connect with people who understand what I'm going through.

He was sent to Florida July 16, and it's been really hard getting by. I have people to talk to, but no one quite gets what it's like.
I know you guys will (:

Semper Fi
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Is your boyfriend in Pensacola? That is where my husband is as well. He has been there since March and will be home in September. You're right, no one quite understandas the lives we lead as our Marines main support system, aside from their brothers of course. We are all always here no matter what and chances are we have all been through the same stuff. Keep your chin up and stay positive. You Marine needs you to stay positive and optimistic. My Marine always tells me how he doesnt know how i do it. How do I stay strong? He always wonders.. and I stay strong because thats what he NEEDS me to do. He cant see me break down.. It would only make things harder for him. Good luck girl. <br />
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Semper Fi

Hey i agree with Sam and Sierra. It's not going to get any easier and you wont see him anymore than you used to and you have got to be able to carry on with your life as best as possible. I stay about an hour away from AJ and i go visit my parents on base as much as i possibly. the last time i saw AJ was probably about six weeks ago and i'm one of the lucky ones because we close to each other. So keep busy keep the head held high and stay as busy as possible and when you see him enjoy every second you have with him because you will never know when the next time you see him will be!!

Hey girl! I'm Sierra. My fiance John has been in boot camp since June 14h and he graduates September 10th and I only get to see him for 10 days and then he's gone again. It's hard, and I have gone through the exact same thing with my brother who is a Marine and my bestfriend. He's been in for 3 years and I hardly ever see him. Eventually you just learn to get through it. Keep busy and as much as we all know it won't happen, just try not to worry about him as much. Keep positive thoughts at all times. If you need to talk just message me. Stay strong girl! <br />
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Semper Fi <3<br />
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- Sierra.

Hey i'm Sam and Jason is my husband he's currently in training and has been since Feb i saw him for about a week in July for our wedding and then he left again and i'll probably only see September/October and then we will probably have our first deployment. i think being with a marine you just learn to live life without the other half you become more independent and you do what you need to do to get through your life and live it as best as possible. people that have never been in that position will never understand they'll try but they wont get it. my friends are extremely supportive they have their wobbly moments but i get i that as well but i know if i need someone to help me i know who i can rely on.

My boyfriend is in boot camp in San Diego right now. He left July 12th. I understand how hard it is not being able to see him or even talk to him. I have been without him for just about as long as you. The letters keep me going though. I hope they do for you too. :)