Hey I'm A Newbie! :)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself...

My name's Tracey...I'm a busy college student...working at a local grocery store...loving a marine <3
I guess you could say I'm one of the luckier girls -- my marine is stationed at Camp Pendleton, which is about a 7 hour drive from where I live, so any chance my marine gets, he drives home to visit me & his family. I couldn't be more proud of him & the rest of those who serve :]

So far I've really loved & appreciated everybody's stories & look forward to what else is to come!

<3 -Tracey
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Thanks for the welcome ladies! :)<br />
love u guys alreadyyyyy!!!!

Hey Tracey, I am Aly my boyfriend is Trey, We have been together a year and a half He is just getting out of boot camp graduates in 3 days, so i am pretty much going insane right now.lol. But welcome to this group there are a lot of great girls on here that have great advice. It makes the journey a lot easier knowing girls going through the same thing. I know exactly what you mean about the pride the second that Trey called me and told me that he had made it and was a United States Marine and I lost it. So the pride I think is one thing we all have in common. No one can take that away from us. Our men this country safe and that is a wonderful feeling. Well again welcome and i look forward to more stories from you. <br />
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Hi Tracey! i'm Storm and AJ is boyfriend we've been together for a year and have been best friends our whole lives and the marines have always been a constant part of our lives as well because both our dads are marines. i know what you saying and Sam i dont think i could be more proud of anyone than represents thier country and are doing an awesome job!!<br />
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Hey Tracey welcome!! i'm Sam and Jason is my husband we got married just over a month ago but have known each othe for six years and have been going out for three and i just recently found out i was pregnant. i agree with you I'm so happy and proud of Jas i could explode but i when i look at other marines or military people i have like cold shivers running up down my spine its so wierd because i've never ever fel that way before! Anyway welcome i hope we are able to help out where we can!!