Urban Legend - Freak Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I haven’t spoken to AJ for a while and things on the home front are getting weirder by the day my parents and his parents keep phoning me and telling me what an amazing couple we make his dad even phoned and was like thank you for making Aiden happy and making him smile you truly have turned his life around! I saw his mom and my mom the other day and they both burst out crying saying you two are growing up so fast thank god you both finally opened your eyes to each other. Sam (alright we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt cause she is preggies!) also started crying and said you guys make me so happy I am happy I just really like other people who are too!” anyway so AJ phoned last night and I tell him what’s going on and he starts laughing! Here is our conversation while part of it:

S: I think everyone has gone insane or on something really strong!
A: they not on anything and maybe a bit insane my dad gave me the loose end lecture again!! So I’m thinking it has everything to do with that
S: OMG not again how is that still related to us they can’t still seriously be going on about that. Can they?
A: they can and they are and technically I have no idea I messed things up badly when I was in Iraq
S: AJ I don’t know how many times we have to this conversation so I’m going to say it nothing that happened last year was your fault yes you left at the worst time possible but you forgetting that I agreed to it and I was the one that suggested it non of it is your fault please stop beating yourself up about it
A: I know believe me I’m way over it I just think that they think they have to make things right my dad has this weird theory that if they don’t I’ll be haunted with the loose string omen.
S: so what do you think will you because I don’t want you to even thinking about it now and especially when you in Afghan it’s the last thing you need then and now.
A: I don’t know but I know the stories and I’ve heard dad speak about it often and I don’t want to generally I just don’t think about it because I know I cant.
S: ok AJ seriously I’ve heard it too before but honestly this is like the biggest freaking urban legend ever! There’s nothing to forgive I don’t have to forgive you for anything its bullshit AJ and you know that better than anyone! And if anyone needs to be forgiven it’s probably me and I went to Darfur and nothing happened to me.
A: Storm I didn’t say I believed it but apparently my parents and your parents do! Do you know what a freaking tongue lashing I got from my dad for leaving things and hurting you!
S: You didn’t hurt me but your dad did come to me afterwards and said Storm if he ever hurts you again he’ll deal with me I can almost guarantee that. Let me guess you were the guy in this you should have known better and its not the marine thing to do!
A: how many times has that line been spun to us or it’s the marine code. You sure you weren’t angry with me?
S: I still get that lecture at least once a month! No never I wasn’t ever angry and you never hurt me I just wish you got that if anything knowing what I was going through I was more worried about you more than anything!
A: you sure?
S: yes are you sure you don’t believe in the loose string urban legend myth crap?
A: I have my concerns about it
S: then AJ I forgive you even though there is nothing to forgive! I love you more than most things and I forgive your family for bringing up a son that has practically turned my whole world upside down because of how I feel about you. and I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me in the last 26 years even though there isn’t anything to forgive. Except that there is never one day that goes by that I don’t miss you and love you more than the previous day you are the one of the most important things in my life so please drop this now and never ever think about it again because it never existed and never will.
A: I will and thank you I love you too Miss Sutton.
S: You insane Mr. Rice you know that but I love you now stop this bullshit please!
A: Alright I promise!

So he’s kind of freaked me out I did a little search on the internet about urban legends and myths in the military just out of interest and something’s I found are pretty mind boggling I know AJ and I know he brushes most of it off but I have no idea that this would stick to him and then it also makes me wonder how many other things he believes or half believes and maybe I’m just over reacting and I’ve been spooked lol ok I need to shut up!!
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Sweet Storm seriously you right that whole thing was hormones i swear if i cry no reason one more time i WILL explode!!! so i get what you saying and i know the story and it's scars me but stop freaking out please AJ may have concerns but honestly how much do you honestly think he believes i mean we were all laughing about it at my wedding and you guys so dont fall into this not even close the guy was a douche or sounded like one and niether you nor AJ fit in that catergory not even close!! Respect it by all means but do me a favor and dont ever believe it will never happen. Love you now do me a fovor and start breathing again please!!