Official Leaving Date

So Jason signed paper work saying he is leaving for boot for sure the 23 of August after they changed it 4 times. But they changed his job again I can’t remember what it is called but he said it has something to do with weather and a bunch of other stuff he didn’t have time to tell me the whole thing, does anyone know what I’m talking about and can explain it more. I remember him saying that and that he gets a pay raise. I’m upset because I don’t think I can go to his graduation and that is something that is really important to me. I’ll be doing and externship for my schooling and can’t take the days off to go down there I hope I can weasel my way into going!!
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Thanks and good luck to you and your marine too!

Hey Lindsey, my boyfriend Joey just left for bootcamp a little over two weeks ago. As far as the job meaning, i cant help. But i know exactly what you mean with all the switching. Joe was told he would do combat engerniring and now hes gonna go to school for mechanical stuff. And he got a bonus because they told him they would move his date to leave for boot for two weeks later and then on the morning of his original leave date he got a phone call telling him he had a half hour to leave. Its crazy how they just change plans so suddenly. But goodluck on trying to make graduation, I know they really look forward to having the people they love there! And best of luck while Jason is gone, its tough, but just stay busy and its not so bad!<br />
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oh it was meterorology/oceanography