Dealing With Distance..

Its hard... everyone tells you that separation from your significant other is hard but its nothing till you experience it. My marine has been gone for 2 weeks,,,, 2 weeks out of the 3 months left till we see each other. Its hard you know... so hard idk what to do sometimes... I know things will be easier when school starts bc my mind wont be so focused on him. But still it is not at all easy. The thing is .. sometimes I wonder if he will ever admit that he is feeling the same way. i get it... when your a marine its easier to be level headed and hide your emotions bc if u let the distance get to you , you can't do your job. but sometimes when I am feeling that slight moment of weakness where I just want him near, He could let me know I am not alone... or am i? maybe hes right when he tells me I gotta not get like this.. but i cant help it sometimes... i am better than the average, considering this is the first time i have ever been with someone so far away. Idk I just wish he was around, bc the lack of emotions and when he pretends to be tough guy is easier to see between the lines when hes right in front of me. I love reading his eyes sometimes, bc yea he says he is this "tough" marine.. his eyes let you know they really do care for u and they do miss you. he told me once... i care about you a lot more than I let up... weelll this is one of those days where I need to hear it.. just for my sanity. To know that im not buggin out over here missing you for know reason. I am not asking for you to break down and get all emotional... but a hint a sign a look thru skype to let me know hey.. you know what its ok your thinking about me .... bc I am thinking about u too... Ugh marines... they have this way of ******* you off and making you want them even more...
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My boyfriend is leaving in 2 weeks!! I am really emotional and sooo nervous!!<br />
Message me for emotional support, I would love to help.<br />
I really need a shoulder to cry on too when he leaves.<br />
ill be at his house with his family and sleeping in his bed on the weekends. Any way I can to be as close to him as possible.

Yea I understand. I starting bawling randomly while we were about to go to sleep cuz he's about to leave for Japan for 2 YEARS. Two years I won't see him. But he hasn't shown emotion at all really...I questioned him the last time I saw him. (He's on his 20 day pre-japan leave) He said that they brainwashed him. <br />
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My friend helped me to understand the way he doesn't act so emotional. Think about it this way: If he was at war and got emotional, do you think he would survive? No....that's why they brainwash them to feeling less emotion. <br />
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I remember before he left for bootcamp he started crying. I haven't ever seen him so emotional after that (except for when we broke up for a bit...but that's a whole other story)<br />
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Just say that you're always gonna be there for him, and that's all he needs. Be strong, and don't let see your weak side as often. He's gonna start thinking that he's hurting you. You can always confide in your friends for that..or here :).<br />
But always let him know that he's on your mind, and keep busy. Summer sucks cuz you're not as busy lol...But school and stuff starts soon. <br />
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Keep your head up. What my bf did was that he called me every night when he was in MOS school before he went to sleep. Maybe you can try that? (If he's at MOS).<br />
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Good luckk! <3

Hey i know the feeling and really its a feeling that will always be there its just how you deal with it. i would give my left arm to spend every second of the day with AJ but i know it's impossible and i know how he feels. and yes marines are probably the most stubborn frigging people in the world and will probably have beat it out of before admitting how he really feels. the thing is they not suppose to show how they feel ever but i know what you saying

Yeah i completely understand what you mean. My boyfriend left 2 weeks ago too and i miss him like crazy. it kinda feels nice and comforting knowing that im not alone. Sometimes i feel dumb because i think about him constantly and miss him. He is my bestfriend and has always been there for me when things got tough, but now i feel kinda better knowing women out there feel the same way.

boot camp? if so then u should get a letter in about a week