my name is brandi my husband and i just moved to camp pendleton two days later he had to go on a field op.....so my 9 mo old daughter and i are here and we dont know any one! any advice im new at this o fyi for any g/f or wives movin to ca if ur from a small town i-5 is nutts!!!indecision
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My family is at Miramar, and we moved here from a small town, and I totally agree about the crazy freeways! People drive super fast/crazy here, too. I have a daughter, Sophia, and she's almost 18 months old. I've lived here (San Diego) a year now. Where did you move from?

I will be out that way soon but in 29palms the dirt lol

Hey Brandi i'm Sam and Jason is my husband in a few months i'll be in exactly the same position as you but I agree With Storm get involved with as much as you can and you bound to meet new people!! Good Luck and welcome

Hey Girl!! I'm Storm and AJ is my boyfriend we've been together for a year but grew up together and have been friends our whole lives and will be going through our first "official" couple deployment soon even through he's been deployed like four times already this one already feels completely different.<br />
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alright so i think you should get involved in as much as base activities as possible it's the only way you'll start meeting people sign up for as many programmes and volunteer everywhere it'll also keep you busy. i remember when we moved to new bases when i was younger my mom would drag me and my brother EVERYWHERE so we'd meet new people lol i hated every second of it my brother and I used call it our pep rally cause it would be repeated everywhere we went and we had to have big toothy grins at all times lol we did over exagerate at the best of times!! <br />
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Good luck i hope you meet new people and welcome!