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Hey ladies,

Just joined...figured it was about time. I have been with my marine for over a year now and been living together for 6 months now. I have never been so happy as I am with him. He is my everything, my world, my life....   I love him so much. He is now a recruiter which keeps him really busy. I dont have a job and take online classes so I am home a lot.....alone well we do have a cute lil dog smiley. Him being a recruiter was ok in the I he comes home so tired and I help as much as I can. He works all week and only has sundays off...sometimes. Then when I finally get to spend time with him its like time just speeds up and its all over.....Im just happy he comes home and Im able to be in his arms at night. Well lately I cant stop thinking about the day he has to deploy....and im not sure how its gonna hit me..... I know its gonna hit hard....but I know he wants me to be strong and I'll do my best. I just cant stop thinking about it.....having him gone for so long...... Its nice to share this with other women who are going or already went through this.... Thank you.
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Yeah he still has awhile as a recruiter.....oh i see i didnt know that....thanks its good to hear that ^_^ Thank you!<br />
Im glad you guys have been strong during his deployment and getting through it....he will be home soon ^_^ Keep staying strong!<br />
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~Semper Fi~

Does your boyfriend still have a while as a recruiter? While he's doing that job they will not deploy him. With most Marines deployments are inevitable but don't worry about something that might not happen for years. Enjoy now. <br />
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My husband and I are almost at the 6 month mark in his deployment and yes it hurt like hell some days and has been a challenge but we've gotten through it.

Thanks asimsox....I will stay positive and I am very grateful that I get to have him with me every night. I hope that time flys and your husband is once again in your arms ^_^ Thanks again for your comment and support.....its nice to know im not alone ^_^

don't stress about deployment, just enjoy the time you have now. My husband is in Afghanistan right now and we just hit the 2 month mark.. it's stressful but you just have to stay positive. I know it's hard because you barely get to see him as it is but seriously just be grateful for getting to sleep with him at night and have him safe in your arms. Deployments are unavoidable but you can't let the fear of them affect the time you have together. <br />
take care and feel free to message me if you need to talk!<br />
semper fi