Just Left But I Already Miss Him :/

okayy so im kind of new to this. my boyfriend just got stationed in japan and weve only been together for over a month. yeah it's not that long but i fell in love the day i first met him. he left this morning to japan and i saw him yesturday before that. i cried like crazy never knew it hurt so much to let go. how do i coop with all of this. ??
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lol it is halarious. well im kind of street smart since i live in ny my whole life. and yeah it's pretty hard staying mad at our marines :p and yep we must love our Adams XP. yes definatly we will stay in touch yoou seem COOLIOS :D

Hahaha I find that hilarious. We loves our Adams :D. Oh & we're both dorks on the inside. He loves me because I'm smart...I love him cuz he's street smart lol. I get to see him 2 hours before he leaves. I'm kinda mad at him right now, but I can never stay mad at this guy. Well stay in touchhh ^_^

HII my name is Laura<br />
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what??? my boyfriend name is Adam too.... small world heh well he's just the same loves parties drinking and all of that. I'm the dork who doesn't go out much. me and him met cause of my best friend who is a marine she hooked us up. Adam's m.o.s school was in Virginia he's a cook :] i might be young and I'm almost done with high school but i know truly i love this guy. he left to japan on Tuesday :/ i heard from him this morning thank god i was beginning to miss him even more. his voice brightens me up. <br />
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and it's cool we both have 3 great things in common. both dating marines, named adam, that are going to japan lol ^_6

Sorry, forgot to introduce myself.<br />
My names Jenny & my boyfriend is Adam. We've been together for 1 year & 1 month. He's the total opposite of me haha. He's like the really social person who parties and does whatever he wants, but he is a great listener and cares about everyone. I'm like the also social but really nerdy on the inside kinda person. Hmm we met through mutual friends, and he just finished his MOS at North Carolina. He used to call me every night lol. We've been through a lotttt, and he's def had to prove to me that he loved me and could change his ways (he was crazy in high school)...surprisingly that's just what happened. :)<br />
I'm gonna be a freshman in college in 13 days. And my bf is going to Japan in 2 :(.<br />
Lemme know if you wanna talk need someone! And tell me about yourself as well

My boyfriend of 1 year leaves for Japan in 2 days :(<br />
We're on the same boat kinda. You're my new Japan buddy :)

thanks :] that's why i joined this site ^_^<br />
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trust me i have been.<br />
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thats where ep comes to the rescue !!!!!<br />
really though it does<br />
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keep your self occupied with anything you can, it really helps =]<br />
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