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Hi everyone, I'm new to this so here goes...I recently met my fantastic Marine, only been datin a lil over 2 an 1/2 months. When we first started talkin we both agreed to just be friends and hang out, so we did and ofcourse it is def more than that now. Here's what's up, he is being deployed very we have been putin that "talk" about what's gonna happen when he leaves off. We were kinda talkin about it tonight and he says he has gone back and forth in his head about stayin together or breakin it off...well I don't wanna break it off, yes I know its not gonna be easy, but I've waited 26 years to find somebody that I "click" with. And I'm more than willin to wait as long as it takes to have him back. I'm freakin out idk what to do...
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Thanks ladys, and I have told him more than once how I feel, and he says he feels the same...but he told me last night that when the times comes if he tell me something I don't wanna hear to just remember that is not because he doesn't love me its just because its what's best...and the girl he was with before left him the last time he was I just keep tryin to reassure him that I'm not that girl :(

It can work if you are both on board. I have a friend who met a Soldier in Seattle and they spent a week together, then he went to Iraq for a year, and she was totally dedicated to him the whole time he was away, and now they live together at Fort Hood. :) But both people have to be in it 100%.

I agree with Duhsers. Be honest with him. He needs to know your thoughts on the situation too.

Tell him everything! How you feel, that you want to stay, that you WANT to worry about him, that you're scared, that you'll leave a place for him in your heart. Qualm his worries that you'll cheat on him, since they all seem to think that (unfortunately there are hos out there that cheat when their Marine is gone).<br />
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If you don't talk about it, then a breakup is almost inevitable, ya know? Communication is key!