Going To Boot Camp Graduation??

First of all, this is my first post ever and I have no idea what I'm doing and what I'm posting this on.. But anyways..

My boyfriend just left for Marine boot camp in San Diego 2 days ago. I would really like to go to his graduation in November, but as of now I have no way of getting there. I'm only 17 so I can't just get on a plane and go get a hotel room there. And driving is not an option because I live too far away. I was just wondering how some of you got to the graduation. Or are there any suggestions?
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

My boyfriends parents along with his good friends are all driving up to his graudation.<br />
p.s. message me! My boyfriend is leaving in 2 weeks for boot camp and I'm soo nervous!!

Thanks, I just feel like a burden having to go with my boyfriends family. The only problem would be a hotel room.

I went with my boyfriends parents. but if that's not an option. call up a friend and get them to go with you! :)