Apparently I wasn’t the only person who was bursting to tell people about our upcoming parental roles.  Jason told me the other day that he’s over the moon but was a bit nervous to start telling people and told one guy only and only cause he heard him speaking to me on the phone when I told him! So last weekend they got a libo weekend he said that they were kind of wondering the area aimlessly with no goal in mind when he landed up in a baby store.  The guys all looked at him and Jason was like how do you explain it so he looked at them and was like “What you staring at I’m allowed to be here I am going to be a frigging father after all.”  So they then all decided to go for a congratulatory drink or six – teen lol it wouldn’t surprise me! He also said that pretty much everyone knows about it now there are people he doesn’t even know that walk up to him and congratulate him lol we’ve never been able to keep secrets very well!

Otherwise I’ve been hit by the frigging morning sickness stick big time its so bad seriously I cant eat anything other than carrot or celery sticks and I can only drink milk I really miss coffee but I cant go near it.  The other day a guy walked over to me and he was talking to me and I was like oh hell no and ran off to the bathroom later on I found out he had pizza for lunch and I could subconsciously smell it! Yesterday my friend came over and put her mug of coffee next to me and I was sick for like the whole day after that!  my boss even offered to put my desk closer to the bathrooms that way when I make a bee line for the bathrooms that way I wont kill anyone oh and I’ve also apparently lost my frigging mind I put my house keys in the garbage, and ant killer in the fridge and a milk carton in the cupboard ooh and to top it off I put my cell phone in washing basket.  Jason thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever heard I think it’s the punishment fairy kicking my *** for all the times I laughed at other pregnant people for these type of things.   

On a more poufy note i found out that Jason has like this intense training he has to do and it'll las a month it means that he probably will not be back at the end of September but sometime in October but it's a month i can do a month I say bring on the month i'm so ready for it. I then found out that he'll probably be deployed in January ok i know this would happen i just didnt think so soon but its fine i know it'll be alright i'm keeping positive there still loads of time with him!!

Otherwise all is good I’m going for my first ultrasound tomorrow and I’m so excited I can’t wait!! Jason is like is there no fast forward button on life so that I can pause you fast-forward me and be there!  This made me cry, because apparently everything makes me cry now, as well!!??   I wish he was here but its fine I know there will be other ultrasounds and I know he’ll be here through most of it so it doesn’t really matter it just sucks it’s the first one that’s all!!

So enjoy your weekend all of you!!

Love lots


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2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Lol yup its the weirdest thing it used to be marines then wedding now baby things are deffinately way too weird! I'm also happy Jas is so excited about this as well he's like a little boy on christmas day and i'm loving it!

Sounds like you have pregnancy brain! And I love hearing about the guy being just as excited as the woman, I think that is the sweetest thing!