2 Days Left Before Japan :(

We've had some great times together these days. I can't believe he's leaving for 2 years, and I won't see him. :( He isn't even emotional like me. He said the marines brainwashed him, which I believe. We've been to the beach, hung out at his house, I've met his douchebag bro :p, chilled at his house a lot, park, taco bell runs, etc....

And tomorrow will be the last time I see him for 2 years. Wow this sucks, but I'm starting college and will be busy. The only thing I'm worried about is not being able to talk to him every day like I used to. Idk, hearing his voice is a comfort to me.

We talked about marriage, kids, the future a bit. The part that SUCKS is that we're both not sure of our futures. I told him that I want to go to medical school, which is 4 years after college. He told me that he thought about re-enlisting, considering that I will be in med school for 4 years. The thought of him re-enlisting is just painful :((. He told me that it's just an option for him. Either that or he goes to school and gets a job. He said that it mostly depends on what our standing is in the future as a couple.

No, we did not get engaged. He did ask for my ringsize earllier, but he didn't get a ring. I'm guessing this is because I never told him a definite ring size...I told him that I'd find out later, but I let him know that it was a 4 or 5. Well, personally I think I'm wayyy too young to be engaged. I'm only 18.

So one last day of cuddling tomorrow :(.
Wish me luck <3
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

that's what mine said. he said he'll save his leaves and his money for june though cause he wants to be here for my prom. and im trying to go out there to japan to see him for either xmas or v-day cause it would mean alot! to him

I'm thinking just being a bio major will keep me busy lol. I'm pretty excited to start college :D. Counting down the days. <br />
<br />
He told me about leave, but he wasn't positive that he'd be home. He said the tickets were way too expensive, but we'll see. Prob won't be for a long time though.

My marine has been there since sept 2009 and he will probably be coming home on leave in oct or dec. The time difference is hard to get use to and the time does go by quickly Casey has almost been gone a year and at times I wonder where time went then there were other times where it just drags. Good luck!

i know how you feel. my marine left too japan on tuesday :'( but two years will go by fast trust me. but just arange to see eachother in those two years. possibly write and call when you can. i havent heard from my bf yet he called but i missed it. so keep your phone available always. well good luck hun :-)