1 Week Pre-deployment Leave!!!

Hey everyone so I have a week left and then AJ disappears into the blue yonder! I rearranged my shifts again so that I don’t have to work this week he’s coming to stay at me from tomorrow till Friday then we moving to his parents house with everyone else for the weekend and then he’s leaving we in full force of keeping “the weekend before a deployment tradition” alive and well! I can’t believe this time just flew but I honestly thought it would be longer than what it felt! So this is like our first deployment we doing together as a couple but have been through like four as friends already I just feel like this one is harder already because I still feel like I can’t let him go!

Anyway I’m not going to slip into that now so this week we’ve planned a whole bunch of fun things together and I can’t wait!! We have entered the Ohau tri – mile together! don’t be fooled by the MILE part what it is you swim 15 miles out into the sea then paddle ski 15 miles and then run the last 10 miles we have done it before and had an absolute ball doing it you have to enter as teams of two we’ve entered twice before and have always come like 115th lol but this is our year we kicking some boodie out there hopefully we’ll move from triple figure to at two if we have less embarrassing moments to the finish line yes almost always ones of us does something that makes us both laugh so much at each other we actually have to stop what we doing because we so busy laughing! I have no idea why we keep doing this to ourselves!

Oh and AJ is taking me sky diving and bungee jumping he has sky dived since he was like 15 and has been trying to convince me to do it for ages and I’ve chickened out like every time I wouldn’t do it with someone else he knows his stuff heehee this going to be interesting!! So I hope everything is going well I’ll speak to you all later!!

Keep smiling, stay positive, and love lots and with your whole heart!!!!

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Hey storm, Sounds like yall have a lot of fun stuff planned I hope that yall have a blast and it is enough happy memories to get you through the next few months he is gone. You are a very strong women keep your head up and everything will be fine. Good luck to you both and I hope that this week is amazing... =) Oh and kick butt in that marathon thing you are gonna do.. that sounds pretty intense... go you.. =) <br />
<br />

Aw yay for u when is he coming home i'm really hoping it does as well! But thanks we planning on having as much fun as possible and i know we will!!

Sounds really fun. I remember the deployment leave with my boyfriend. I had the greatest time and he's coming home soon. I hope your deployment flies by. :) OH and have fun!!!

i know seriously i'm so scared of hieghts it's not even funny and AJ is like whatever you dont look down the min he says that i look down lol!! I think we've been through this sooooooooo many times before but this time he's like you doing IT even if i have blind fold you lol i'll let you know i'm already nervous but extremely excited!!!

Sound Amazing hope you have fun :] and omg after you go bungee jumping tell me how that goes Ive always wanted to try it but i want to know what its like before i do lol