Vs Pink Marine Corps

Hey girls!!!!
Everybody knows about the Pink Collegiate Collection, they have super cute clothes and i would LOVE to rep the Corps with them...
Victoria's Secret Pink is adding another line to their collection...Vote "united states marine corps university" everyday to get them to add it...im not for sure how much longer they have left in this one. We're at number 29 now but we CAN make it to number 1!

just follow this link http://www.vspink.com/pink_collegiate/school_spirit.jsp   and vote please!!!

repost, text it, and tell all ur friends and together we can look good and be supportive for our MEN!!!

USMCprincesa USMCprincesa
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2 Responses Sep 17, 2010

oh! i didnt know tht...i agree with u on tht honor statement but i must say,<br />
its not worn as a fashion statement...its not saying "hey im in the marines" its just a cutesy way to represent for our men while we're out and about...<br />
<br />

It's a great idea but the Marine Corps is in the process of licensing the Eagle, Globe and Anchor and "USMC" & "U.S. Marine Corps." I can't say as I blame them because it is such an elite honor to wear the EGA or be a Marine Corps. wife/girlfriend/parent that I wouldn't want everyone wearing the EGA as a fashion statement. It's an honor that is earned.