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So I am 19, in college and have been dating my Marine for a little over a month now. He just deployed for his first time to Afghan and he left about a week ago. We met on his leave home while I was still in our home town. 4 days before he left, my brother/his best friend/ marine and his girlfriend thought it would be a good idea for Steve and I to meet for the first time. Those 4 days were amazing and incredible. I stayed with him, met his family, spent almost every minute that I wasn't working i spent with him. So after those 4 days, he went back to his okinawa station, so I kinda got adjusted to not being able to talk to him or spend time with him. But we did get to message and skype every day. So now that he is deployed, I've been doing my best in keeping myself busy and trying not to think about how hard this next 8 months are going to be. My brother is also over there, but he comes back in march. I just thought it would be nice to have people to talk to that I know would understand what I'm going through. None of my friends, besides my brothers girlfriend really knows what I'm going through or really thinks that I'm being real smart about this. I don't want to leave him because I really truly think that this is the man that I wanna be with forever now. Just thought I could ask for some support!
Thanks! :)

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Don't leave that Marine if you feel he is the one! It is hard but it can be done. I am in a similar situation, or will be soon. I met my boyfriend 2 months ago online and we have been talking, webcaming and texting ever since. I have fallen in love with him..but he said he knew I was the one from day one. He will be coming in a week to spend a month here with me and then we fly back to Camp Pendleton for a week to go to the Marine ball. Not being in his arms has been hell. He is being deployed in June to Afghan and it is gonna be so hard for us both. We are to be married in May before he leaves which will make it harder. However, like you I know he is the one and I will go through this pain now for the benefits and rewards of a life with him later...and you should look at it that way too. Imagine how much comfort he has knowing you will be waiting for him when he gets home. It will hurt and you will worry, but you will come out of this a stronger couple. Hope this helped. :)

Hey sara!<br />
first of welcome and if u were looking for support you came to the right place all the girls here are going through the same thing we all support advice and stay strong for our men. Second my name is mariaelena and u are welcomed to add me and message me as often as ud like as soon as i am added i can send u my number and we can text im rarely on n when i do i just check my mail but dont worry u came to the right place enjoy ur time here in this page and im sure u will meet many girls closer to u im on da far southwest coast next to san diego in cali but like with the love for our men friendship is da same nor time or distance can change only for the better :) hope to hear from u soon and good luck u r doing the right thing just follow ur heart not the whispers of the world i have come to realize some people will just come to dislike u because they are jealous because they dont share the inmense happyness ur marine offers u and when u talk to him tell him thank you for serving our country fighting for our rights defending our country and that there is millions of people here suuporting them. :) stay semper fi the ride is all worth it when he is back into ur arms<br />
semper fi <3