36 Days!

okay so theres 36 days left until my boyfriend graduates! yay! i cannot wait to see him graduation! and family day, only 35 days until i get to see him...i can't even explain how excited i am!!!
i got my plane ticket all paid for on tuesday, and i just order 2 tshirts and 1 sweatshirt-all USMC, of course! one of the tshirts has his battilion, company, platoon, graduation date, and last name :) 
i got my 9th letter from him today! (2nd letter this week). he goes back to MCRD on Sunday-meaning he'll get to write more again. he shot to qualify last friday, and he shot expert (okay. i have no idea what that actually means. but he was hoping he'd shoot expert which is the best you can shoot, and he did so he's happy about it!). he was telling me about the hikes-8 mile with 80lb packs.  omg i cant even imagine that!! i had no idea field week they camped outside lol. i'm sad he cant even recieve mail this whole week (26th-2nd)-but that just means he'll get alot of letters the following week from me!
i dunno why i'm writing all of this! i'm just so happy :) he's so positive in his letters, it makes me feel good and worry a little bit less about him. he also said he has something to tell me, and that he thinks about it more and more everyday and that he misses me more and more everyday,and it's a goooood thing that involves our future!   i dont want to get ahead of myself or anything, but man i hope it's the same thing i've been thinking that involves our future :) eek.

anyways there past few weeks have just flown by! i'm happy that this time goes by so fast! and i know the next few will go by fast too, i'll be alot busier-going to my aunts this saturday for a few weeks, and so i'll be helping her out as much as i can (she takes care of my sisters 4 kids, 4years-9years old, on her own. so when i'm there i do as much as i can so she can have somewhat of a break). and then i should be starting schooling around the middle of october, that will be amazing i cannot wait! i've been waiting 7 frickin months for a spot! i'll have to live on campus and whatnot, get my diploma and career training-when i'm not in class/training, i'll be in the gym!! or they have alot of clubs and groups i'll check into, to keep be busy :) (i'm just really worried about how much time they'll let me take off school when my MARINE graduates, he only gets a 10day leave then he's off to florida, obviously i want to spend as much time as frickin possible with him. that part is kinda stressin me out, i really dont want our short time togehter to be cut even shorter!) hopefully i wont be in school too long and can go to florida for a while with him!!!

my advice, dont focus on all the days between now and when you see him, just focus on when you get to see him-it makes it easier. that way you're thinking only of one amazing day, instead of a bunch of days you have to keep missing him. 
gosh this is such a great experience. i've learned/realized so much since he's been in boot. and we're so much stronger in our relationship- it's hard sometimes yes, but i wouldnt change anything!

sorry this is long and i'm kinda just rambling on! lol. i'll shutup now :)

AyNikole AyNikole
18-21, F
Oct 1, 2010