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Marine Girlfriend

So im new here . I am a junior at Western Washington University and i am studyng to be a physical therapist. im 20.  I have been with my boyfriend for over two years and he has been in the Marines for about two years too. This is his first deployment and he wont be home until March. Thank god for College I need the distraction. My boyfriend is stationed at Camp Pendelton and so we are used to being apart but this just sucks more because even when he is not deployed i get to talk to him all day. But I got a nice suprise a couple weeks ago when i moved into my new house at school my boyfriend at sent me flowers :)
lrnorton lrnorton 18-21 2 Responses Oct 1, 2010

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aww i'm thinking about maybe going to western washington in a few years!! :)<br />
my boy is in bootcamp right now in san diego, and this is the longest i've been away from him in 4 and a half years. it sucks, i'm used to talking to him practically everyday! <br />
that's so sweet he sent you flowers! <br />
anyways stay strong girl. i'm here if you ever wanna talk!

Hahaha, good job lauren!!!!!! Well done dear lady! Just post on some other peoples posts and you'll get some new people to talk to.