Happy Girl<3

so, i already thought that my relationship with my boyfriend was just perfect. but when i went and visited him about a week ago i realized how perfect our relationship truly is.  He's my other half and simply completes me! we've never fought. i mean i know 8 months isnt truly a long time but seriously just getting into a relationship then him leaving for bootcamp and us still being together is just amazing to me.  I already know hes the one. i cant let go even if i tried. I feel like i truly know what its like to be like most if not all of you girls out there with marine boyfriends/husbands/fiances.  I love this feeling and i love that i know more people that know the same feeling i have.  It makes being in this relationship a lot easier.  I'm so happy to be a marine girlfriend and my life is forever devoted to him<3 and the marines of course.  I support everything he does. yay for being apart of this im so happy and excited and i love being apart of all of this.

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There was not one second i thought in my my life that i would fall for my best friend nor one second i'd be involved with a marine or be in this situation. AJ and I preety much know everything there is to know about anyone he's the first person that i know i can trust and i know is an amazing guy i there 's nothing i'd change a thing about my life in this very second i'm so sure about us and our relationship that there is no way in hell i'd change a thing about anything he really is the person that i want to spend the rest of my life with and i have no doubt in my mind i know it'll happen!!

In the last 10 months I've got engaged got married and fell pregnant and i'm still waiting for the sirens and alarm bells to start blaring. My husband got home on Saturday and just seeing him i knew why they hadnt i have so much trust and love and understanding and faith in that one man that there's no way i would change anything in my life. EVER yes it's a crazy roller coster that never seems to end and i lived. but this experience truely has made us both stronger as a couple and individuals Jason has a completely new side to him i've never seen before and me i'm like a completely new person to what i once was i actually cringe and some of the things i thought lol. Jason and i have been thrown a lot of curve balls in the last two years and we've stuck together and just got stronger and mostly the biggest curve ball was the corp and honestly i'm really really happy it happened to us i know we going to be alright cause i trust Jason with everything i have and i know he trusts me and as long as we trust each other i know this will work!!

aww. this is exactly what i mean. if you have faith and no doubts your relationship will go just as far as you want it. congrats on the one year girlie! our 8 months is in 2 days! good luck with each of you and keep in touch! id love to chit chat! message me sometime! whenever! yay im so happy for all of us!

I feel so happy to be one of the proud and few also, being a marine girlfriend!! I agree with about all of that! And thats great you both havent faught. Me and my man went thru a phase of fighting for a couple months.<br />
Having a man on his way to be come a marine is a wonderful feeling!!! I feel so proud and i know that even though there is space between us for 13 weeks, i love him more then ever, and i know that the marines is making him a better person. Thru his letters he saying hes realizing alot :))) I cannot imagine myself without him, we're eachother future :)) I am so proud of him for chosing to serve our wonderful country <br />
p.s. our 1 Year anniversary is tomorrow!!!!

I feel exactly the same way. When my boyfriend first signed up with the marines i wasent very happy because i didnt want him away for so long but i love him more than anything and i know itll be worth it and our love is true. i cant see myself without him. so its worth the time apart and the struggles marine girlfriends have

ha, I totally get what you mean about everything!!!!! I've only known my marine and been dating him for a little over a month! Yet I have no doubt in my mind that we're gonna end up married and happy. It seems like that's just the way it happens. I think a big reason is because we have to put so much into the relationship before it even really starts, that we actually know what the relationship is capable of with holding. Just make sure you continue to stick it out during the rough times and it will all be worth it once it's all over!!!!<br />
Congrats lucky lady!