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Last Letters :)

sooo. i sent out 3 letters to my boyfriend today,from the past 4 days (i lost my stamps lol). and they are the last letters i will be sending to him at bootcamp!!!  definately not the last i'll write though!  i hope he gets them!! my friend who graduated bootcamp sept.10th said he probably won't get them now, but my bf's staff sergeant said i could send them 10 days before graduation and he'd still get them. so hopefully he will :)

his last 4 letters have been super cute! and i'm getting another one tomorrow!! it'll be my 13th letter from him <3
sooo on they finally put up a video of my boy's platoon-i've checked everyday for the past 5-6 weeks! and when i saw his platoon number, i was sooo nervous to watch it! it was it took me 20-30 minutes to finally click the frickin link and watch it! OMG. soon as i saw him, i paused it :)
seeing him with his whole platoon, all in their all hit me so hard :) like 79 days since i seen him(76since he left),and only 12 more to go! i honestly thought it'd feel like foreverrr, these 3 months! but after i got the first letter, it went by so fast!

but i'm suuuper nervous to see him!! i have no clue why, i've never been nervous around him at all, he's been my best friend for 5 years now and my boyfriend for almost 3 years. maybe it's because it's been so long since i've seen him. and soo long since i heard his voice. and knowing that's he's changed alot, and i'm not totally sure what to except (except from his letters, i'm thinking he'll be super sweet now!).

i'm still not sure what to wear on graduation day...i'm thinking of wearing a dress? like a 'sundress' or whatever. he's never seen me in a dress, so i'm kinda nervous about that, too! any advice or opinions on what to wear? i already know exactly what i'm wearing on Family Day though.

AyNikole AyNikole 18-21, F 13 Responses Oct 23, 2010

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I'm so jealous!! I have 37 more days until I leave to go get my man from bootcamp!! Good luck =)

I'm so jealous!! I have 37 more days until I leave to go get my man from bootcamp!! Good luck =)

Congratulations!!!! I'm so jealous, mine doesn't graduate till December 10th. As far as seeing him again and being nervous, don't be!! My friend has a boyfriend that's been in the Marines for a while and when he came back from bootcamp she said he changed in a good way. Like he'll be more of a gentleman. All your months of waiting is about to pay off!! I'll be praying for you and your man. :) Semper fi!

Yep he's @ San Diego... be heading out there Wed morning which is gonna come very soon! Ahhh... I'm pretty sure it's going to hit me even more tomorrow! Just talking about it right now is freaking me out! haha. I haven't really had to be alone with his parents either, so I'm pretty nervous about that too. I don't want to step on anyones toes you know and say something wrong and make this trip awkward. I def. wish I had got to know them better prior to this happening,,,, go me! :/<br />
<br />
I searched the mall today and found nothing cute at all or anything that caught my eye. And this usually never really luck! haha I guess I'm stuck with what I have in my closet. I been stressing about what to wear this whole month it seems. <br />
<br />
Did you kind of keep like a journal as well? I've been typing up messages to my bf since he's been gone, got them printed out and its like 30 pages! Oops. I have no idea when he'll actually have time to read that! haha. And it's unedited and I'm kind of embarrassed about a few of the entries, some are silly, some show me being vulnerable, but oh well, it was honest. <br />
<br />
:))) Well, your bf just completed the gas chamber today and is on his way to the crucible huh, but he will be a Marine this Thursday!!! :) Crazy how every week a new group of guys become Marines.

aari-where is your bf? san diego? thats sooo exciting, only four more days til yours graduates!!! :D i'm sure he'll be super happy to see you there!!<br />
<br />
i am soo excited! i have no clue what to wear and only 9 days until i leave for san diego! ahhh. i want to wear a dress, but i'll have to find a cardigan to wear with it. i'm buying something cute to wear tho on wednesday, whether its a dress or just a cute shirt or whatever! <br />
<br />
it feels so weird now NOT sending every other day at least i was putting a letter in the mail! lol i'm still writing to him tho :p and i'm making him something, and i'm gonna leave it on his bed so when he comes home he'll see it right away haha :)<br />
<br />
it was so nice seeing him! i watched it a few times, but mainly i just paused it on my man and kept lookin at him hahaha! <br />
<br />
yeah these three months have went by sooo fast, but it still seems like its been FOREVER since i've seen my boyfriend!! i cannot wait! :)

I just sent out my Bf's last one 10/18. I really hope it makes it to him, he graduates the 29th. Hopefully it does not take no 10 days for him to get that last letter! haha. It was kind of weird sending the last one off! but so good too! :) <br />
<br />
haha, I had the same experience as you did a week again with the whole videos! I kept refreshing the page all afternoon... and when it finally had the links up... my heart was racing... i was just as nervous and it took me a little bit to click on it as well... not 20-30 min though which I'm surprised that it didnt!! That's hilarious, but it was such a great feeling seeing him after all this time huh? I watched it over and over... just to see the top of his head before they got to his row as well haha! <br />
<br />
I'm VERY anxious as well about seeing mine again! But... I'm even more nervous because he has no idea that I'm gonna be at his graduation!! I sure hope that he's gonna be surprised in a good way. Haha. But I've been a wreck it seems for these last few weeks... not knowing what to wear as well....<br />
<br />
I wanted to wear a dress, but I couldn't find a cardigan for it... i don't know if 70 degree weather is gonna be warm enough for a sleevless one. <br />
<br />
Ahhh so exciting huh? So glad you're gonna be seeing your man soon as well! :))) It did go by so fast, but at the same time it has felt soooo long. :)

haha ya he jeremy is so sweet in his letters im surprised he came up with the scrapbook because he isnt really creative so i love when he comes up with ideas like that.. like when he proposed to me he sent me on a scavenger hunt with all these inside jokes and he met me on the lake on a rock and asked me to marry him.. he always surprises me hes so cute! omg i cant wait till his platoon is on the devildog website if its going in order he should be on it next! its gonna take me a while to actually watch the video and i know im gonna bawl my face off im so nervous but in a good way that i have butterflies in my stomach and my heart melts! i cant wait till i see his platoon aahhh lol.! ya thank you so much i had nooo idea about the devildog website im soo glad i saw you posted it! my marine is in San Diego he leaves for camp pendetlon today so i know it will be hard for him to write it sucks but i know how hard it has to be! he told me he bought a pen with a light on it so he could write me at night lol!

OMG! i tried doing a screen shot and it wouldn't frickin let me! i'd go to look at the screen shot, and it was just black :/ maybe its just this computer but ugh! i took a picture of it though on my phone, and put it as the background! i dont even have any money on my cell haha...but the battery keeps running out cuz i'll just look at the pic for like half hour hahahaha.<br />
like as soon as i saw it, my heart started beating and i got all anxious and nervous and butterflies in my stomach! no clue why, that prob sounds over dramatic but its true! lol. it was soooo nice to see him though! :D and now...i can see it whenever cuz its on my phone!!

Ahhh okay I'm probably gonna be checking it every single dayy though lol <br />
But hah yeah I feel like I'm gonna take forever to click on his platoon. I know I'm def gonna do a screen shot on that bad boy so I can see him whenever I want ha :D<br />
<br />
But ahh thank youu sooo much for that information, I had noooo idea that there was a way to see him :))

i heard it was around week 8 they put the videos on <br />
but my boyfriends platoon wasn't there until last night! and this is his 10th week there,almost on to week 11! i checked every single day thoughhh for sooooo long! lol. it made me sad! until i saw it there, and it took me forever to bring myself to watch! i've watched sooo many though,seeing him in it was so weird!! but dang he looks so handsome! <br />
<br />
aww! only 5 weeks left! that's not longgg at all :) for the video :)<br />
<br />
aww thats cute about the scrapbook! that's a good idea, i never thought of that! <br />
whew, i'm glad to hear youre nervous too (not in a bad way! just knowing i'm not the only one! lol). <br />
i'm so so so excited! i've been trying to decide on outfits for family day&graduation since i got my first letter from him :) lol<br />
<br />
to keep myself busy, i just did anything i could,really! write, hang out with friends, do things i'd never done before...and most all staying positive REALLY helped!! and knowing he is doing what he wants to do, and that i'll see him soon, etc helped me also!<br />
where is your guy at?? san diego or parris island? that's awesome you've gotten 14 letters already!!

Oh gosh hun.. you boys almostt home to you XD<br />
I cant even tell you how happy I am for you :D<br />
Mine just passed his first half of bootcamp. 5 more weeks left:D<br />
<br />
<br />
But ahh thank you for letting me to know when to stop sending letterssss & So i went on & my boys platoon isnt on there :( Do you know when they get put on there? hes at grass week right now... do you think maybe after grass week since theyre not a MCRD right now?<br />
<br />
Ahhh i cant waitttt to see him, I watched another platoons video to see what it is, and omg its liek headshots of them all XD I cant wait to see my boys <3<br />
<br />
But anyways hun, I;m sooooo happy for you & your letters and that you boy will be home with you sooon <3

omg girl im so jealous but super excited for you that youll have your marine back soon! Im still going to write him letters after the 2 week mark just so hell have them when he gets home! he told me he wants to keep a scrap book of all the letters weve written to eachother! where did you go to see a video of his platoon?! i havent heard of anything like that! Jeremy still has a little less than 2 months to go and were married and im still nervous to go see him. i know its going to be so emotional but im so excited! haha i was allready shopping for outfits when i go to see him also but i havent found the perfect outfit yet lol! what did you do to keep yourself busy?! i love getting his letters and its going to be rough when i dont get any when he is almost done! ive allready gotten 14 letters i get so anxious to open my mailbox lol! well if you ever wanna talk just message me!