This Weekend Is The Last Weekend I Get To See My Marine For Awhile

after the ball i dont know when ill see my boyfriend again. and im stressing out so bad. I dont get to see him this christmas, thanksgiving, my birthday or our one year.  It hurts so bad that i dont get to see him but for him i'd do anything i just dont know how to handle everything.  He'll either be in texas, missouri, or some other place. i need advice. please help me before i freak out. 
much appreciated. 
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 28, 2010

hey! stop worrying about it because it will be alright. it is going to be hard but remember that you will see him again so carrying on living your life carry on doing everything you've been doing when he was away before you will hear from him and you will see him again so keep that head held high and stay strong. it is going to be hard but i promise as the days go by they will get easier