After Mct

Girls i have a question for those of you who have already been through it. Does it get better after mct when our marines go mos to school?

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3 Responses Oct 30, 2010

They can use their phones sometimes in MCT, and in MOS they can use computers, texting and phones :))

how long has ur boyfriend been deployed for???? im happy for you that hes comin home soon. my boyfriend actually just called me not to long ago. they got half an hour to use there phones tonight so i was glad that i got to talk to him. i thought u could still talk to them when they get deployed. so if u dont mind me askin why havent u talked to urs for 6 weeks? he told me tonight that he graduates from mct on the 16th so i cant wait. ill be able to talk to him whenever, im hopin he doesnt get deployed right away, but yes it did answer my question. thank you i appreciate it :)/

in better i mean will i hear from him more often. mines just left for mct about a week in half ago nd he had told me that night before they took his phone he wasnt gonna b able to contact me for about 3 weeks, its tough cuz im clueless nd not knowin how hes doing. yeah you do get stronger im learnin that more eachday. theirs much not to do u really have to just be patient nd trust them. im proud of mines also im proud of all the marines out their, they all went thru the samething nd always will be goin thru the same. us gurls also what we r goin thru. not alot of people get to say their with a marine. its feels good to know that we have marines as our mans. yes they do look good in all their uniforms. how long as ur boyfriend been in for?