Boy, Ball And Is It Bull$hit?

Hey Girls!

I am kinda confused and would love a little bit of insight if anyone knows about this.

A couple of weeks ago my DB was planning on coming home for the long weekend next weekend but said he might have something to do on base that would keep him from coming home. (base is 12 hours from home) As the weekend has gotten closer I asked him if he planned on coming home- he told me he really wanted to but couldn't since he is required to go to his divisions' ball on Friday night. He told me he was frustrated as were a lot of his fellow officers... (especially since they made them buy tickets for the divisions' ball and that a lot of the guys are going solo and expected it to be stuffy and boring and aren't bringing their +1's.)

Just two days before he told me he has to go to the divisions ball... he was telling me how excited he was that we could both experience our first USMC ball together.... but now that he has this ball the weekend before ours... he will do the ball thing without me first.

I guess my question is- does this sound fishy? Being required to go to a ball? and having a ball on a friday night? I thought all the balls were on Thursdays? No?

If this is legit, than it is what it is and I can understand that... Is this just standard USMC stuff that I am new to? I don't want to have a fast one pulled over me and look like the idiot civilian that doesn't know better and runs around in her little world thinking everything is perfect.

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Same thing happened with my boyfriend. He is stationed at Camp Le Jeune and wasnt planning on going to the ball but two days before they said he had to go. Definitly a legit ball! Some big birthday celebration with a cake cutting ceremony and all that.

Nope. I'll be there! My 2nd LAR ball is Wednesday, then we have the Division Officers Ball on Friday! I would just have the hubs go to it alone (tix for us were like 95 a piece, it's ridiculous), but his dad is a retired col and so my inlaws are coming to attend and want both of us there as well.<br />
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And yes, officers always have random **** they need to buy, i HATE it. I get a lot of Lts are single, but I married to mine and we have freaking bills to pay on his salary alone right now!

You are a life saver! Thanks Feeney! It isn't often I get the pang of insecurity so thank you for snapping it out of me.

It's no B.S. The Marine Corp requires them to attend a Ball that is a birthday celebration; even the reservist. Your man is legite. Relax, take a deep breath. The Balls are held on different days....Camp Le Jeune is on Wednesday but Fort Devens is on Friday. It is all legit