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i fell in love with a marine not understanding the fine print.

before we got married everything was wonderful. he went to the citadel and i a little university in myrtle beach. i can honestly say that when we first met it was love at first sight. we spent every moment together. then something happened that rocked our world he got his papers to be deployed. we became engaged and three months later married. we had only one week to spend with one another before he was shipped out. he trys to call me as much as possible from iraq but i understand when he can't. so i've been stuck taking care of everything myself. see we didn't think about opening joining bank accounts so now he has to wire me money to pay his half of the the bills and rent. i don't really know who to talk about my issues because no one understands how it is to be waiting for someone so long. i'm lonely and depressed without him. he is really great about trying to make me feel better when we do talk though. but most of the time i don't want to go to class or work. i just wish that i could be in a coma until he returns. i can't stand looking at his things around the house or his clothes in the closet. i don't know how to get over this depression. does anyone know? sometimes i think i see him or smell him at work or at school or in any other common area. it is as if i am married to a ghost. i thought i could handle the pressure but now i know that i can't i need to talk to someone...anyone

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Although I am not a spouse yet; I believe the ba<x>ses have FRG groups that you could join. I don't think you need to go thorugh it alone. I am sure it can be a scary feeling handeling all the finances, up keep of the home and any other business while the hubby is deployed. Hang in there be encouraged and do some research on line regarding the ba<x>se he is attached too and what programs they have for the wives.

I completely know what you're going through. I'm a newlywed (8/10/07) and my husband was deployed 9/16/07. We had moved 20 miles away from everyone we know to be closer to our jobs but now I am completely alone and I treat my 2 cats like my kids because it gives me that emotional attachment I have been needing. I get calls pretty often but its not the same. My husband is really good about saying sweet things, and he is coming home in 2 months, but I still can't kick the lonely feeling.<br />
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My advice to you is surround yourself with people and things you love. I bought all these work out videos and now that its getting warm again I have been playing wiffle ball and jogging with a few of my friends. The time will fly by before you know it as long as you keep yourself busy. <br />
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I know its hard because you feel like no one knows what you're going through- but if you ever need to talk let me know!!

i 100% know what you are oing threw.. me and my husband got married aug 17 07 and he deployed aug 24 07. i thought i was the only one going thew this and if you would ever like to talk feel free to send me an email ok

I am kinda there with you... i have been with my husband for 7 years... Married for just about a month and a half... He decided to go into the marines. I have a 4 year old daughter she is his. We got married on Dec7 he went to boot camp on the 10th. i know it is different. but at the same time after he gets home ho goes to tech school then to iraq. he wants to go.. but i am a nervous wreck with him just in boot camp. i know how you feel. i mean really. i miss my man so much. After 7 years of all the crap now this. i have been married for a month in a half and seen him for 3 well 2 days out of all that time... i feel your pain

well i am kind of in the same boat only my husband is just at boot camp. But it is the first time we have EVER been separated since we got together. just before he left we moved to the SMALLEST town in the world, and there is nothing for me to do. so i know how you feel being alone and trying to keep your mind from wondering. Its so hard. I have issues looking at his things around the house, and falling asleep. Everyone says its gets easier... NO idea who said that, but they were way wrong. It doesnt get easier, you just become numb to the feeling..I think...

I am a military wife with a husband about to deploy for the first time in our marriage, so I will be in the same boat as you soon. I keep reading about ways to deal with things and I keep hearing, "stay busy", which it sounds like you already are with school and work. I would imagine the nights are the worst. I am used to my husband traveling and being gone at times but not this long. We have a 10 year old daughter, so I want to be strong for her. I think the hardest part over the years for me has been the moving and making new friends, finding new doctors and just starting over every few years. My husband and I have been married for 12 years and I can imagine it must be so much tougher in some ways being newly married, but at least you don't have a child who is also waiting and worrying. Do you have an idea when he will be coming home? Do you send care packages? I thought that might be fun for my daughter and I to do, especially for her. We are also going to set up a website which should also be a good way to communicate and for him to see when we are asleep and he wants to catch up. We can just put things on the site. I have some good friends here as we have been here for 2 years. Do you have any other military wives to speak with at all?