Good News

i had just got off the boyfriend with my marine and he gave me a few good news. so i had to share it with you ladies. my boyfriend is comin home for christmas nd he got recruiters assistance once again im so excited. another great news is that he told me by march ill be out in california with him. im really excited everythings jus falling into the right place.
xon3love3xo xon3love3xo
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2 Responses Nov 20, 2010

Thank u. Im very happy about i guess it makes up for him not bein able to come home for thanksgiving. Is ur boyfriend stationed or is he at his mos. Ill make the best with him when hes home i deff cant wait :)

Aw congratulations!! Im still waiting to hear from my boyfriend to see if he gets recruiters assistance! im keeping my fingers crossed! Im so happy for you two though! Have fun while he is home :)