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So i leave in 2 days to my boyfriends boot camp graduation. ive been wierd about it lately. im supperrrrrr excited to go and to see him, but over the weekend i felt really sick and last night i had a reallly wierd dream about me enlisting in the marines and then i changed my mind about wanting to go like a week before i had to leave and i was crying and freaking out so bad that i ended up getting sick. and then i woke up feeling sick and felt like i just got done crying! and so alllllllll day everytime i even would just think about the dream or just think about the fact that im leaving in 2 days i would start feling really sick and anxious and felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest from beating so hard and like i felt really antsy like i just had to get up and couldnt sit still. AND i just dontttt have the motivation to pack! and thats wierd for me because when i go on vacation i usually pack like 4 days early! my mom thinks that me being sick has something to do with me leaving. its not that im not happy or excited to go because i really i am, i just get these really wierd feelings about it like something is going to go wrong or something, idk if its normal? but i dont like this feeling. i just cant wait to see him <3

but i also just want to thankkkk alll of you girls on here, thank you for all the support, advice and posting your stories for me to read :) im on here allll the time and i honestly dont think i could have kept my sanity if it werent for you. im so proud of my boyfriend and all though it was hard at times without him here, it was all worth it. you girls gave me the besttttt advice because we all know eachothers situation, i have noooo idea who else i wouldve been able to talk to/get advice from. ill be leaving in 1 1/2 days and seeeing him in 2 1/2 days :) ill post more when im back home :)


Semper Fi<3
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hey! its natural dont worry so much because you dont know what to expect and seriously everything will fall into place the minute you see him!! there's nothing you can do except be positive and hang tough for a bit. then enjoy every single minute of seeing him again you nervous and worried and scared and every part of you is rebelling because this is scary but it'll be alright he loves you and you love him and you both trust each other and if anything remember that one thing always and forever! have fun!!

I think its all the emtions inside of us that have been whirling around for 3 months. But we have learned PATIENCE and being strong while our men have been gone. <br />
I procrastinated on packing..and should have went shopping and gotten my hair dyed. But then i thought, it doesnt matter how we look or what we wear. Our marines are just excited to see US after 3 long torturous months of boot camp :) Im leaving on wednesday, hope to see you there girl message me your number! :) haha<br />
We are ALMOST at the end, keep positive! :) you dont want to feel that way for family day. And im sure you wont when you see him :)

Hey Anjhel, my name is Casey. My boyfriend graduated nov 5th so I know exactly how you're feeling right now. Trust me, seeing him again and realizing how much he's changed (for the better) will make you realize just how much all the craziness from the past 13 weeks was worth it. Have an awesome time, and please let us know how everything goes. Congratulations to both you and your man for making it through basic training!!!<br />
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