Part Of A Song I Am Writing For My Boyfriend For When He Comes Back!

tell me what you think

" know that times get harder
but our love will get stronger
even though you are away from me
my heart wont ever skip a beat
and i’ll live each day
with you on my mind
i’ll be your love forever, semper fi"
KimberlyMarie KimberlyMarie
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 12, 2010

I have been with him for 1 year and 7 months!!! No i dont have a FB :( too addicting lol so i decided to delete it. But i am on here alot :) alot of supporters on here.

I know it girl! I love him so much, and actually since he isn't back yet from SOI it was more of an unofficial official proposal over the phone earlier this month lol.. So the sweet one he's been preparing and has all written out is going to be face to face. I'm definitely dying for it to happen!! Then I'll really have something cute to say about it, haha. I'm really happy where our relationship has taken us, and I really think you'll feel the same exact way to! And I know its weird, that we're wanting it to already be at the end of this month or so.. but with deployments and me still living back home we don't know when an opportunity is really going to arise, plus it'll help us down the road! Do you have facebook? How long have you and your Marine been together? :)

Thats so cute! how did he ask you!! and how long after he came back? haha I think thats what we all want.

Aww way cute!! :) Don't be nervous girly, and yes I was haha. It was so amazing seeing him for the first time after waiting 3 long months! You get there on family day, and for the first couple hours ( if I remember right!) Were the guys in charge basically giving us the low down of everything there. Your not allowed to walk on the grass there... fyi haha. Seriously! You'll get yelled at! And then they also say your Marine can't walk and talk while making phone calls, and can't hold your hand but has to escort you with your arm in his. Its really cute. But kinda strange? haha. Anyway you'll have a blast! I really hope you enjoy those 10 days of leave together..maybe he can apply for recruiters assistance? And we're not to sure! We're hoping this month if all works right when he comes home!! :D

Yes he is in boot! i am so nervous because i don't know what to expect!!! were you with him when he went to bootcamp? aww congrats!! when is the big day!

Absolutely adorable!! Love it girl! Is your boyfriend at boot right now? My fiance is in SOI.. and will be coming home here VERY soon! :D Semper Fi girly, and great song!! He's gonna loveee it! :)<br />