"almost Here & Almost Gone"

well my Marine will be komin home in a matter of daysz! & i am so excited & scared at the same time. He was jst in a ship for 10 daysz & i mised him alot although we kldnt talk on da fone., he wasz luky to have friends that wrkd in radio & komputersz, that let him use the komputers., so he wld email me wen he kld. & i appreciated that awhole lot!! it let me noe how he wasz mising me as much as i mised him! & now he's komin for da holidaysz & im so happy about that! bt i am also scared! because he leaves back to the base Jan 5th!! & he deploys i think da last week of Feb! & i havent gone through deployments yet disz will b hisz first & our first! idk wat to expect.. at this moment i am tryin to get as busy as i kan to not think about it. i have 2 jobs & go to college, read books on my freee time & jst try to stay busy so it wont get to me., & as soon as i start feeling down ., i try kontroling myself by tinkin dat after da deployment he wnt b leavin far for 3 whole years!!!! den i smile big! laugh im head over heels for this guy! no one has ever made me feel da way he doesz! & well we plan to b together for ever., so i wonder how is life as a Marine wife? i noe isz not da typical wife role., itsz waaaayyyyy diff! in da sense dat yewr Marine wont b wit yew everyday. that he will b gone for monthsz!!! so i wonder how it has been for Marine wifes? what did yew expect? how hasz yewr experience been ? & how do yew manage him being away?
ppkub ppkub
18-21, F
Dec 16, 2010