Moving To Okinawa

My husband tells me we are moving to Japan in June. This is the first time ill have moved anywhere with him (we only recently got married) and while nervous I'm super stoked! I think this will be alot of fun and I know he loves Japan (he was stationed there for 2 years). I wish I knew more about what we are getting in to is the only thing... I've been told we pack up, some how get to Japan, live in a hotel for however long and then get stuck with whatever kind of housing shows up in the rotation and then eventually all of our belongings will show up! Talk about stumbling in the dark! I know it'll all get figured out and I trust my husband to take care of everything but its always nice to know something ahead of time....
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2 Responses Jan 3, 2011

I am in the same position. My husband received unaccompanied orders and is already over there but once he got there they asked him if he wanted to change the orders. So I will be joining him at some point in the spring/summer. I've been searching the internet to find some guidance on what to expect and what I need to do to prepare and everything else. I hate not knowing whats going on and my husband isn't always the best at giving me the answers I need. I'm better off finding it myself..haha. We are having a baby next month and I am unsure about how that will all factor into the moving process and everything. AHH stress. if you find any helpful info could you post it? Thanks!

lol oh my word!! i think that sounds like the coolest plan ever but i'm wierd so good luck with that!! i hope you find something really soon though and YAY you'll be with him!!