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Hello, my name's Jessica and I'm 20. In November my marine and I got married after being together for 5 years. Being with a man in the marines is definitely difficult but something I wouldn't change. He just got stationed at Camp Pendleton in California so we both just moved here. He just got into the fleet so I'm crossing my fingers that there isn't a deployment anytime too soon. I'm from Missouri so the Cali weather is definitely a hard change. While I'm so glad I'm able to be living with my husband again it would be awesome to meet some new people who understand what it's like and to meet some other ladies who are living in the area. :)
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I'm 20 and I've been with my husband for 5 years and we got married in November too! I wrote back to the comment you left on my story, but I'm living in Oceanside.

Hey so I'm Sam i'm 28 and Jason is my husband he's 29 i'm orginally from Boulder Colorado but moved to Hawaii almost six years ago i also married him last year but in July and he's been a marine on the 15th officially for a year. he is injured at the moment and it's a really long story so he's non deployable but will be when he's recovered so i'm also a bit nervouse. Welcome message me anytime!

thank you kayla! and ya it does seem kind of hard to meet new people here for some reason.<br />
glad you got to talk to him, and that'd be awesome if it were in pendleton! when is he done there?

yaaay! Itd be cool if pendleton!

so i finally got to talk to my husband a little bit ago. and he said that he heard his job is full in north carolina so that its probably either pendleton or hawaii

hello jessica! congatulations on your recent marriage! i can relate to your story alot! im also 20, got married to my marine when i was 18! moved out here from michigan when we were stationed in pendleton in june of 2009 now we got moved to miramar but still not far from you! my hubby just got back from deployment...its inevitable that your man will deploy but i promise it goes by faster than you think! if you ever need someone to talk to get ahold of me! friends are nice to have and for some reason hard to find out here! <br />