Hey Everybody

So I haven’t been on here in forever so I’m going to reintroduce myself! I’m Nicky I live in New York and originally come from Boulder Colorado. My boyfriend is Aaron and he’s currently in the Army and stationed in Hawaii but his contract ends at the end of January and then it’s a wait for the marine. But Happy New Year I hope you all had a fabulous time with friends and family during your holidays! I also hope you all have an awesome year ahead of you! So I’m back in New York and have literally hit the ground running but I kind of knew what was waiting back for me here so it was expected lol its comes with the territory!!

So I went home for the holidays and my dad practically tackled me in the airport normally this wouldn’t happen because Sam and I would just hire a car and would drive to Boulder from Denver but no because I was alone he insisted on picking me up and when my dad is on a mission there’s no stopping him he’s the most stubborn person I know. anyway so driving home my dad started speaking to me about Aaron and our future I know he’s concerned and I asked him what was really up and he told me that I was his little girl and he didn’t want to see me hurt so I told him that he couldn’t always protect me and getting hurt was part of life and so far I hadn’t been my dad then smiled and said I just want you to be happy Nic and before I could say anything he said I know you are but just always remember who and where you come from after that my dad kind of dropped the subject on Aaron..

When I got home my mom dragged me into the kitchen and said we making Ginger bread men I laughed I haven’t frigging made ginger bread men in ages we always used to make this time of the year and was our official mother daughter time we sat and spoke about everything it was just so nice just being home my two aunts even sat down and helped and I we made a world record here!! Then my brothers and cousins dragged me out the kitchen officially ending MY girl time (seriously I’m like the only girl in this family how can there be so many boys in one family I wish they’d all just get married already that way there’ll be more of a natural balance!!) and dragged me to the to the annual baseball in the street game the more I protested and said it was freezing the more they said yup so lets run around for a bit!! A bit is the biggest understatement of the frigging centaury these games go on forever its like they never end after I just gave up there’s no point and told them I wasn’t staying long they laughed and said we’ll see the frigging game started at 2 that afternoon we got home at 4 in the morning and only after I pleaded with my brother that he let me go and then he asked me if it was New York that was making me a baby or Aaron I always used to be one of the boys I laughed and told him that if he didn’t let me go now I’d started crying and become a real baby and I couldn’t be one of the boys no matter how hard I tried because I’ll ALWAYS BE A GIRL when my old history and math teacher both told my brother to stop being a bully and let me go lol Nicky 1 – Donovan – a big fat 0!!! The next day they dragged me to go Christmas shopping with them because they needed a girls opinion how is that one day I’m one of the guys and the next I’m a girl and I’m not the only one my dad even mentioned and my brothers just laughed and smacked him on the back and they say girls are temperamental HA is all I can say because guys are just as frigging bad!! This whole holiday I’ve been shifted from being one of the guys to a girl in like two seconds lol there’s nothing new there either.

Even though my brothers are crazy it was good being home again my mom made my favorite meal both on the day I left and when I came home I even begged her for like two days to make her brownies I’m not kidding they the best in the world they guaranteed to give you a Harry met Sally moment lol I’m serious about this you don’t get any better. I even told Aaron that I couldn’t speak when he phoned because I was eating my mom’s brownies and don’t be fooled he completely understands he’s had one and also nearly had a Harry met Sally on the spot I have been trying to get her to give me the recipe and she refuses so I stock up when I’m home the only problem is once you start you really cant stop!! She even kicked me out the kitchen when I offered to help her make them (and take notes but she didn’t know that!) she so selfish!! She even told me that if it was the only way to get me to come home then she’d take it to her grave lol seriously I don’t stay away that often!!!

Anyway so on Aaron news he’s left the army and he eventually told me he didn’t know how he felt except that he excited about the marines now I know he is I could actually hear the excitement in his voice he also told me that he couldn’t wait until he could see and as hard as it was I told him it would be pointless for him coming here because there’s no way I’d see him because I’m pretty much working 24/7 and I have like four cases coming up straight after each other he said it made sense but now I really want him to come here because he brought it up and now he just laughs at me and says we’ll make a plan because he’s on standby on all flights lol don’t put it past him. I just miss him more now lol!! Anyway I’m not looking at it that way we have three months just three and then I’ll see him for a whole month and it looks like my office wants to send me to Hawaii for case there which means my month in Hawaii might not only be a month but a couple more my boss was like it doesn’t have to be you when I told him if he didn’t send me I’d take it personally he laughed and said Nicola you’ll be working and I told him knew that but still want to go he shook his head and chuckled a little I’m sure thinks I’m also going mad lol
Anyway that’s all for now. how you all doing?

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4 Responses Jan 12, 2011

lol omg Nicky i know what you mean about being one of the boys one second to being just a girl the next between my brother AJ and Aaron i think i've been a boy/girl swapped so many times that my head is still spinning what is up with that its crazy!! Anyway so i agree with Sam you either staying with her or me whatever suits you better i have more than enough room and it's less expensive and i'm hardly home so it'll be like your place most of the time anyway because i'm working double shifts and it wont let up anytime soon i think!!


lol no i just need a baby sitter! God Nicky wtf do you think you staying with us period and i dont care for how long your room is already ready!!! and i cant jump up and down i try but i really cant!!

lol i so missed the annual ba<x>seball game this year and don't blame me on the ambushing father you only had one i had like a family that i now really miss!!!!! YAY i cant believe you coming for a month are you really or just lying and when is this case thingy and how long you here and seriously dude if that's happening you so staying with me and Jas and it's cool because Aarons like always here and i need to shut up but I'M SO EXCITED - for of cause lol!!