Mct Backed Up 1 Week At Camp Pendleton Right Now....great...

I just found out from 2 girls, that their boyfriends just left also for mct at camp pendleton yesterday (Jan 11), is backed up 1 week. So this means that mct doesnt start until next week! We have to wait 5 weeks instead of 4 so frustrated now, already missing him!
Does this mean that our men wont be doing anything for a whole week?? And their phones are shut off this week still for some reason. Im not even sure if we'll be getting calls this weekending. Im so confused now.
Have any of you had unorgnaized situations like this with your men or one like this?
:( Geez....
p.s. i found this out from 2 girls. One of thems boyfriend snuck in his phone and told her about it. So its really happening.
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So i have more news! 2 girls got calls and texts from their men. They said it isnt backed up, but it sounds like they have working party duties, not really starting mct. Its a giant mess of confusion. Me and another girls havent heard from our men. They are in different platoons or didnt sneak in their phones. Its so confusing ahh. Just 2 more days we'll be able to talk to them this weekend and find out whats going on!!<br />
Thank you for all of your replies girls! Hopefully this will be figured out this weekend and we'll know whats really going on with our marines. Ill keep positive and strong! :)

Hey=) My Marine is at MCT right now and not back up he's on his 3 week. They have a choice to keep there phones but are told that it's better to check them in because if they get cought then it's hell.. My Marine checks his in and out every Libo they have which is mostly on Saturday but last week they had most all Saturday and most of Sunday. It's just a wait and see game really. I'm sorry to hear that your Marine is being held back. But just keep positive and things will go by. This time it has been harder i'm not sure why but it just seems like it. But it has also gone by faster. If you need to talk i'm here=)

Thanks for the heads up, girl! My man leaves for MCT next week, so he'll probably get backed up too if they're having that many problems. Keep strong, the time will fly!

Yeah i would think they would get their phones this weekend still! Hopefully!

My boyfriend actually hinted about this a little while before he left. But i didnt take it in or listened that much to it. Now i realize it actually did happen im like wow. I dont know how much freedom theyll get because they have their phones held. I found this out because one girls boyfriend snuck in his phone.

They are probably having them do something it's the Marines they aren't going to have them just sit around doing nothing...

Nope it would cost too much money probably and stuff for them to fly back home, then fly again in less then a week. So they are just having them stay there. Who knows what they are doing. And their phones are being held. Its so dumb..

wouldnt they just come back home for the week?