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Hello Everybody! Here's my story... I met my boyfriend a year or so ago, but have only been dating for 6 months. 2 weeks after we got together he went off to basic training in California. He is currently in Virginia && I haven't seen him since... I love him so much && I know he feels the same about me. It's just very hard to cope with not seeing somebody that you love so much, I can't really talk with my family about it because I don't think they will be supportive of him being 18 && me being 16 years old. && my friends would not take me seriously about the issue, because they have never been in a serious relationship like this before. Does anyone have any pointers on how to deal with such a difficult lifestyle? I am open to anything. && just need ideas. I am also here if anybody needs someone to talk to.  

Thanks, Sara. 

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Hey girl, my boyfriend and I were only together for two months before he left for Basic Training, so I know exactly how it feels to be with someone for such a short amount of time only to have them leave and not know when you're going to see him next. But like most of the other girls above me said, try to keep yourself as busy as possible. You're still in high school so be as involved as you can in yuor school, hang out with friends etc...There are going to be a lot of people who doubt you and your man, ignore them!!! Feel free to message if you need anything!!!

Thanks everyone. This is great, I actually feel confident about my decisions now (: I am not on here as much as I should be, lol. So if you wanna text me to talk just message me for my phone number! (: Thanks again!

There will be negitive people but you have to just not let it get to you trust me im married to a marine and there was alot of people that thought we wuldnt make it past boot camp but we showed them we just recently got married we have been togehter for almost 3 years if you ever need anyone to tlak to any of you you can message me i love to text haha im not always on my computer cause i work alot but if you message me i can give you my number because i know alot about the marines=]

oh girl!! im the same as you!! im 16 and my bf is 18 also!! and yeah my family and friends dnt understand at all! we had only been datin for a month when he left but it was love form the start. it rele sucks not gettin to see him. my bf was home for two weeks after basic but left the 4th of this month for itb training and goes to mos after that. idk when ima see him again :(. im here if ya wanna talk! message me anytime.

Me and my boyfriend had been together only 5 months when he decided to join the marines. We were both in high school, but im a grade younger then him. He graduated high school and then months later in september 2010 left for boot camp in cali as well as your man. He was gone a month before our 1 year anniversary. My friends and family dont understand how hard it is to wait.<br />
You really really have to be committed to the corps as he did by englisting. You have to be extremely supportive and always give him encouregment all the time. Its what they really need, they dont need negative or worrying things espically in boot camp. Wait until hes home to talk about anything negative thats happened. Write him POSITIVE letters telling him you miss him, but dont make him feel bad for not being there. Tell him you will always wait for him. Also, dont let anyone talk you out of being in the military/long distance relationship with him! People will try to ask you questions or tellyou things that will make you start to over think things. Dont let them get into your head. Your man needs your support so much, and leaving him would be the worst thing to do. Some guys get dear john letters (break up letters) in boot camp. Which is terrible. Being in the military relationship and having the life style is HARD. You dont get the freedom like regular couples do by talking and seeing your boyfriend everyday. In this life syle you have to wait, learn to be patience, learn that things change around a lot, but always stay strong and have faith. You can message me whenever you would like :) i would love to help or just listen or give advice :) welcome to the marines family, semper fi!

Hey so it is a hard lifestyle and staying busy really helps and it really keeps your mind off stuff but stay true to yourself dont ever get caught up in the moment and forget who you truely are and it happens so easily and so quickly because you kind of want your man to be happy to and kind of get wrapped up in that and who he is there's nothing wrong with doing this believe me if anything if AJ is happy then i'm happy what i'm trying to say is every now and then stop think and take stock of your life if you still you and true to who you are then you doing well. Good luck and welcome to the site!!

Thank you so much girls, I have been keeping as busy as I can. It really does help... Everyone who has talked to me about this has been supportive as possible! I am still waiting for the one negative person, but I haven't had to deal with it yet! (: && if any of you need someone to talk to I am here as well. Thanks again!

we have a similar situation... i'm 18 and he's 19 and we only dated for about 6 months before he left for boot camp, now he is 6 months a marine and we've almost been together for a year. i use to feel like i had no one to talk to and i felt like no one understood. i felt like i cried too much and i felt weak almost. its crazy how much this stuff will effect you and scare you none the less. "keeping busy" ^^^^^ its a must, i promise you. i joined a gym with two of my best friends to get in shape (what boyfriend wouldnt want their girl too look good :P) and also the gym is just to keep myself busy. also i go alone sometimes so that i can work out with headphones in my ears and just think about stuff but still be busy while doing it. just doing something productive will help you at least a little and its nice when you start seeing a difference and it makes you feel like your actually doing something good for yourself. every weekend i go out with my friends, we go to sporting events for my school and we all hang out after. i work two days a week just to have some sort of money coming in. while i do all this, i still always have him on my mind and i think to myself a lot stuff like what it would be like if he was with me when i was doing all this stuff but it at least keeps you occupied. its not as hard if you have things to do. if you are doing stuff you cant think to yourself "if he were here i would be doing something with him" cause that just makes it worse.... wear his stuff to bed, his sweatshirts out, keep his picture on your wall and his letters at your reach, you will be fine, i promise.<br />
<br />
if you ever need anyone to talk to, know i am here cause i felt like i had no one to talk too and its nice to get it out.

Keeping busy like usmcwifeforeverido said is one of the biggest things that can help. Stay in touch with friends and go out and have fun your still young but be there for him when he needs you. Your his support=) You always have to keep a positive look on things i've learned and dont let people get to you. I'm sure if you haven't already you'll get some mean coments from people who don't understand or people who are just stupid. You'll get stupid question but you can't let them get you done. You have to be strong but don't feel like you cant ever have days where you just need to cry and let everything out. Being a girlfriend or wife to a Marine is one of the hardest jobs and we all need to let things out every now and then. This site also has helped a lot just being able to talk to girls that know what we're goign through has help so much. I hope that this has helped in some way. Just remember to keep busy and think positive=) If you ever need to talk i'm here.

honestly you just have to keep yourself busy. its a very hard thing to go threw