High School Girls With Marines In Japan

Are there any high school girls with marines in Japan? I'm just Trying to find girls I can relate to! This is hard and he's only been gone for A week!! It's crazyy! How long have y'all been together and how do yall deal with the time change?
18-21, F
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Well, you know already that my boyfriend is being sent to Japan in March. I had been dating him for 9 months before he departed to boot and began his Marine journey. Since then, we've been dating for a 15 months and I've seen him a total month in the last six. I'm trying to be optomistic and am even looking into some study abroad programs in japan. However, if that doesn't work, I will stick with him because he is my rock. I'm graduating HS in June and hopefully, I'll be able to visit him in the summer. But I love this website, because now I don't feel so alone in my decision to date him, where everyone else thinks I'm crazy. You girls understand <3

I am 18 and my Marine is in Japan. He has been in Japan for 15 months. Although he and i have only been together for 4 months its still hard. I have got to spend a total of 4 days with him since we have been together. <br />
We are all here for you. <br />
Just be thankful he is in Japan. Things are pretty low key there and he can have a lot of fun on the weekends if he doesnt work. I dont know where your from but im from Oregon. I have got to know my bfs schedule and you will to. The time difference isnt as bad as it seems. For me, when im having dinner he is having lunch. when im going to bed he is getting off work. and when im waking up he has already been asleep for 2 hours. <br />
It becomes a huge part of your life. <br />
Stay focused on school. it will help you a ton to stay strong, focused and occupied. Not saying your not going to have bad days, because you are, but thank God for ExperienceProject! <br />
Your not alone in this! <br />
What ba<x>se is he on?

well my marine isnt in japan.. hes bout to go from virginia to cuba tho!!!! i know how u feel trust ALL of us on this lol it may be tough especially the first WEEK! bt as the days pass you'll learn to deal with it. especially if u love him:) and pretty soon he'll be back in ur arms:)) ive been with my marine for 9months and only got to spend 1month actually with him. dont worry tho:) we're all here to help eachother out! stay strong and SEMPER FI!

I'm a senior in high school and my boyfriend is a marine in Japan! message me and feel free to ask anything :)

Im in highschool, a senior, but my man isnt not in japan. Him being away though is hard. The nights he leaves i always cry. Ill think about things or listen to our favorite songs and start to cry. I jsut wish i could see him and have him hold me one more time. No matter where our men are, we miss them and have to be strong. I pray for us to stay close and in love forever, i pray that we will see eachother again. I have no idea when i will see him next, he thinks probably for many months. My parents are strict and im afraid they wont let me visit him. The only possible days of visiting him is during my spring break (which is in 4 months). Or else i have to wait 7 months until summer. Which i really dont want to wait that long.<br />
He joined the marines 5 months we had been together. We've been together 15 months. He left many months later for boot camp. And just left recently for mct. It was so hard to write letters in boot camp and not able to even hear his voice. I miss him so much and cant wait to hear from him. We all learn to be strong, im not saying its easy, but we have to stay strong and be faithful. Keep busy with friends, school, your job, family, whatever that takes your mind off things for a little bit. I think about him all the time, but keeping busy will keep your busy and times will go by a little faster. Make new hobbies, find interests, read books, cook new foods, anything! <br />
You can message me, i would love to help or listen <3