Im So Hurt Right Now

me and my boyfriend got back together and were doing fine untill a couple days ago were we got in a major fight about how i feel im not a prioity and  howw i gave up some of my friends  because it made him feel uncomfortable and yet he can keep his friends and im talking about girls that our friends i let go of my best friend who was a guy   and now we dont talk and i sorta miss ihm anyways he always gets mad at me and weve been fighting fo couple days not its off and on well have disagreements and then a fight and hell get pissed off by my attitude and wont wanna talk anymore and today i was mad because he said something that hurt me

i was like just asking randomly do you feel anything when we kiss and hes like idk hun

i was like cmon be open with me hes like dk hun

and i was like rly do you feeling anything at all and called him a meanie and hes like
 im a Marine i dont feel anything you know that and i just blew up in his face saying not this again dont ever say that again

and hes like well ill saying it cuz that is how i am trained to show no emotions and im a guy i am not emotional ok so there go

and i was like on the feild your not but not to the ones you loved and im like  thanks for opening a wound and pouring salt in it and hes like what wound and then he goes on saying i dont let stuff go and i do and hes like well you brought this up and  so you dont  and im like i have too let stuff go and hes like yes you and im like i have not let myself go i think he  he didnt understand me but he hurt my feelings by saying those things and he doesnt understand me idk what to do

i dont know what to do i wanna work on it but hes so anygry with me all the time it ****** me off cuz i cant even communicate him with

and im so jealous of other couples because there men treat them so much better then what my guy does

help me plz i want my boyfriend to make me feel like a princess and  hes making me cry and hurt  i wish he was a little better on the commuication and not getting mad at me for just trying to talk to him  :(  im so sad right now

oh ps we are kind of serious and iasked him about this and hes like idk if we are i just wanna go with the flow what is that susppost to mean weve been dating for twoyears!!!
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well.. just make him feel bad . kill him with kindness. hah . that is what i did. before my boyfreind left all he wanted to do was see me sometimes and mainly see his freinds. so i was like. ok go see yoru freinds i knwo you want to see YOUR FRIENDS before you leave. i'll just go home and watch a movie. haha he felt so bad haha it was kind of funny. then with teh letters i got from him he was saying how sad he was for not treating me better and how he thinks im understanding and blahblah haha its cute :) maybe you need time apart from talking too see how much you both mean to eachother.. distance is a good thing sometimes

yeah thanks girl but it just got worse we didnt fight today was a nice day showed me he loves me then i asked im like so what ya mommy and yout alk about and hes like thats between me and her and he usualyl tels me ya know and then he changes his staus on fb and ignores me for the rest of the night and if you =read my past stroys you know weve had some trouble and now im just kinda done hes not gunna change and i dont deserve to be treated like **** ive put up way to much with him and i just cant do it anymore

No matter how much you say things to him, ive learned you cannot change someone. No matter how much you try to tell them to quit a habit or try to make them change how to treat you, you could be blue in the face repeating your self over and over, but they wont change. They change on their own. You cannot talk someone into doing something out of their own will. If he wont change in his minset and treat you like a wonderful girlfriend, it doesnt sound like its going anywhere.<br />
And him saying those means things is so cruel. Of course hes a marine and cant show emotions while on ba<x>se n the field. But he definatly is a PERSON not a ROBOT and he can show affection to you! I wouldnt kiss him or say anything nice to him if hes acting like this. Give him the cold shoulder and ignore him a few days. People react the most to no action. If you ignore him he will FREAK out. And then he will worry he's losing you. Then he'll maybe change if you scare him.<br />
You can message me if you want, id love to help more!

i am going to let him cool off i know hes right about not showing emotions but it still hurt because he said that to me after bootcamp and he was a complete **** to me and when he said that to me today it just like hurt my feelings so bad but im deffently going to talk to him after i clear my mind and let him cool off thanks girl it did help

He's is right. Marines are trained not to feel any emotion. Just continue talking to him about it, but give him a little time to cool off first. Don't let your emotions cloud how you feel about him. And ask yourself if he's worth it. If he is give it time. Hope this helps.