Never Doubt Your Choice To Be With A Marine

Hi, I'm nicole. My boyfriend is, of course, a marine. We are been together for about a year and 2 months already and he has already promised forever. But we were never this in love. When i met him it was the summer before his senior year in high school and my sophomore year, at the time he had a girlfriend and i was loving the single life. But when i saw him for the first time i knew he was gonna be trouble. After about half of the summer him and his girlfriend broke up and our friendship took off, we were always together or talking to eachother non-stop. But when school started we fell apart and stopped talking to eachother, 3 months into school i got a text message from him on his new number and we went back into the swing of things. Over winter break he met my parnets for the first time, i made dinner and they just spent the time talking and making fun of me. That night he told me he had feeling for me but didn't want to ask me out becasue he knew he wanted to be a marine and didn't want to leave me alone and hurt, but I wasn't going to have that. I let him think while my mind was going crazy waiting for him to ask me out, because i knew it was going to happen sooner or later. He asked me the day after my birthday and when i walked him to his car he pulled me in for a goodbye hug, it felt like in his arms was where my home was. With in 2-3 months we loved eachother, in 5 we fell in love. In june he started signing the papers to be a marine. On october 12(our 9 months) he left for basic, i cryed so much. But i knew he was going to leave way before we were ever together, i just didn't thing time would go by so fast. It was like he was in my life and out of it in the time spand of a week. My love for him over-powered me inspite of this information. For 3 months i was alone, heartbroken, and miserable, 30 times i wrote letters ending our relationship. I never got the nerve to send them to him, something would take over and remind me that it would be worth it in the end. So as (at his graduation) his family and i watched as he marched in with his head held high and a stance that could take your breath away all my sadness, bitterness, fear, regret left. All i was left with was pride, pride that could never leave because somewhere in me i saw myself standing next to him. I had made it through those struggleing 3 months, of course no one was yelling in my face but i had my own tests to pass and my own training to go through. But when we all ran to greet him, when i fianlly got feel him again i knew it was worth it. He spent 7 days here and just left monday for north carolina for MCT and MOS training after that he gets his PDS and his life as a marine will take off. He has no leave between MOS and PDS so monday was my last day to see him for a long time. But before he left sunday night he made me two promises both with one ring. As we walked to him car from the ice cream shop he pulled out my grandmothers ring and popped the question! He promised me basicly him forever and that he will be back to marry me. In two years ( when im 18) my mother said he can ask permission to really ask to marry me. But i say never doubt your choice to be a marine because he will always be yours and will never want to be with anyone else. You had his heart when he left and when he came back so why doubt your love now? you made it this far right?
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I am happy for everyone who is happy. BUT; I am the father of a Marine wife. It isnt all wine and roses. It is my opinion that most marines especially young ones only want a girl for companionship. then they get pregnant, married, and ofn course the soldier gets more benefits, including money. This is the real motivator to have a baby factory at home. This is not all of them. But the best advice I could give a girl in this situation is to wait for him and yourself to grow as people. I f he really loves you he will be there when he is out. If he is a lifer, than give him at least 4 years to (sow his wild oats).<br />
there are still some good men out there.

Hello, i would just like to start out saying congrats on having one of the few and the proud :) I was in my sophomore year of high school as well when i meet my marine. He was fresh out of bootcamp and would have been a freshmen in college. I met him in a weird run in at my high school and instantly connected. He was home on recruiters assistance and i was able to spend a couple hours a day with him but it was only for a few days. by the end of the weekend, he was going to ITB( infantry school) and i had no idea what to except! He text me that morning and said he had to go sign in and then i didnt hear from him again till a week later! It was a huge shock! But in less then a month we said i love you and knew we wanted to spend forever together! For my birthday present, my mom and one of his best friends who was also like an older sister to me, took me to san diego to see him! It was only 2 days but after 2 months it was incredible! It was the first time we kissed and everything fell into place! It was also the weekend he found out his duty station, Hawaii :/ Less than a year leter we went through our first deployment and he got home safely on December 7 :) Its the hardest thing ive ever done, and makes Hawaii seem so much better! It has made us a stronger couple and now we are planning our future out together and are getting married this July :) I know its hard being so young and getting so judge but its always worth it! This is a relationship unlike anyother and is hard and makes you grow up really quickly but just stay strong and be confident! And definitely be proud! Know he is safe every night and that is something to be very thankful for, its only training! I know its still hard but its a lot better then other places he could be! Im always here if you need to talk! I grew up with my father in the military too so i have a lot of experience in this lifestyle!

awww im soo happy for you!! i had alot of the same emotions you had during bootcamp. my man lost his address book and couldnt write me so i freaked and thought it was over. but when i finally got a letter everything was back to normal. he graduates from itb training the 1st of feb. its gonna be exciting bc he might be coming back then its off to MOS school for idk how long. them leaving and us not knowing how long it will be until we see them again rele sucks. but we are their rocks and their main supporters. our love for them is what keeps them goin. dnt ever give up on you marine kno matter how bad things get bc in the end it will be all worth it. <br />
you can message me anytime. id love to talk.<br />
<br />
Semper Fi<br />

I loved your story! I know for a fact loving a marine isn't always easy but it is definitely worth it when you get to talk to him and see him! :) Feel free to message me also if you need anything or just want to talk. I joined this website one day out of curiosity and I have gained so much comfort from it. Everyone on here understands and are soooo support. Don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it! Stay strong and we will get through this together!

I just wanted to tell you that hearing this is awesome! NEVER EVER doubt your choice to be with a Marine! All this waiting and (sometimes) pain from the waiting is worth it in the end. It just shows how much yall care for each other. I don't know of anyone in person except me and my boyfriend who could take the marine life, everyone else's relationship would crumble, they're "garbage" as Jonathan likes to say :P My boyfriend leaves for MCT this Tuesday and I'm not worried one bit. Yeah, I cried like a baby tonight having to say goodbye, but we can get through this. We are the minority, but we sure do rock it, people admire relationships like ours! Like jmrpixe said, message me anytime, we are here for support, we can get through this together like cake! :)

Hey!<br />
My marine left 2 weeks ago for MCT in california. Your story is very sweet and im glad that you and him are so in love. Me and my marine have been together for almost 16 months, and we want to be together forever and always :). I am SO happy for you that he proposed!! Awww :). My marine was going to propose, but he changed his mind and got me a promise ring. Which still means committment, just a step before engagement. I dont mind waiting. And i told him ill wait for him no matter the time or distance while hes in the marines. Im SO releived to hear you never sent him any of the break up letters. You have to remember hes doing the hardest job in the world, in the worlds finest fighting force. he needs your support everyday no matter what, no matter how hard it is or how alone or empty you feel. you need to be posotive. He needs to be reminded that youll stay faithfully and wait. i tell my marine all the time that ill wait for him. He has 2 weeks more of mct. I cried the first 5 days everyday, but when i talked to him finally on the weekend i stopped crying hard at night. I teared up thru out the week but only cried once before the day i was going to talk to him again. He did sneak his phone, so he only gets it on the weekends. Im glad hes smart to not sneak it in and lose liberty. Sorry im rambling now. But you have to always tell your self that youll be strong and positive no matter what. We all have are bad and good days. Even bad and good moments thru out the day. Remember everyday is worth it. He misses you just as much or more as you do because hes not home in his regular bed. Hes out learning to shoot guns and train to deploy. We just have to be supportive everyday in our hearts and minds.<br />
I hope that helped! you can message me if you would like :). We can help each other while our men are in mct :)

Always be proud to love your Marine, it's tough, but so worth it in the end.

thank you for posting this my my boyfriend left for bootcamp today and im so torn ive been crying all day and this is exactly what i need to hear. my boyfriend has become my best friend and my rock i know its going to be tough but im very glad i cam upon your story