Might Be Able To Go Visit My Marine!!!! :) (and An Address Question?)

My marine is halfway thru mct at camp pendleton. He gave me his address to mail him letters or pictures. But he sent the addres in a text and i think its all jumbled up. Can someone give me an example of how the correct address for mct in cali would look like?? Thank you!
Now to the good news!! I got to talk to my man yesterday and today!! :))) 2 days in a row, it was very great. We both talked about what we've been doing in the week. He starts the field tomorrow, hes excited to be shooting hahhaha. But he told me good news that i might be able to visit him in 2 weeks on his overnight liberty!!!! Because either his friends and their mom and or my mans parents are going to see him! And i WANT to go :). Im going to mention it to my parents this week. But they are really strict..even though im 18. Itll be on a weekend so i wont miss school, which makes my chances of going much higher. What is a way i can tell them nicely? Because i have no idea when the next time ill get to see him. The first part of his mos is 8 months....
Thank you girls so much! :)
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@renewilson3, my mans MOS is in florida too!! But its wayy too far for me to drive. I would have to get a plane ticket. My man said he'd pay or help me pay for it :)). I cant wait to go visit him then. But right now im hoping to see him because he doesnt think he'll get a leave after MCT. I really hope i can go! Itll be our anniversary too :). Just one envelope with some pictures in it wont hurt to send him. Im going to send it this week. He should get it by the time im over there haha

Since he is already half way through MCT I wouldn't suggest sending him anything since he only has about 2 weeks left, and one of those weeks he will be in the field. So it might not even get to him in time! But you get to see him soon so it should matter :)

I got to finally talk to my marine today as well. He told me about all the other guy's plans for the overnight libo, and i wish i could go. But im not allowed to be on a plane again this late in my pregnancy:/ I told him that me and his mom would drive to florida though when he gets to his MOS:)

Awh! how long has your marine been gone?<br />
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You cant see him on overnight libo? its a weekend? Well im only a state away so we can drive there.<br />
I wish you could go :(. I really hope my parents will let me! I dont see why not!!

Wow,that's exactly where my boyfriend is at right now. I know exactly how you feel.. I wish I could go see him for their graduation and their overnight liberty, but my parents would never let me go alone.

I actually wont be missing school cause we'll leave saturday morning and go home sunday night :) So i wont miss school which will make them happy!! :) His mom is going to call my mom this week. Im going to talk to my parents this week!! Ahhhhh i really want to see him!! :)))