Talking About Future Plans

He finally called me this morning. We talked through out the afternoon (calls and texts). But our first conversation was really good. He communicated about future plans. (For those of you who dont know me..I'm a senior in highschool still, me and him are both 18, we've been together for almost 16 months). Our anniversary is this Sunday!! and im going to visit him on his overnight liberty, i am sooo excitedd!! :) Hes almost done with MCT (Feb 8) and he thinks most likely his platoon will be honor platoon, and going far away for his first part 8 months of MOS. And I start college this fall. So after this weekend, we probably wont see each other until i graduate in May. He talked about in the converstaion was wanting to get married after his deployment. We arent engaged yet, he was thinking of proposing after boot camp. But decided to wait because we're pretty young. He wants to get deployed right after mos + stationing, wants to get it over with, and to go thru a deployment before we marry. He knows deployments change some people, but he doesnt want to change or want anything to change. I dont either! He said we're still young and something might happen you never know..because thats whats been in the back of his mind. I dont want him to ever doubt us. I told him in boot camp, do you think he just is scared to lose me or thinks we're too young? I think he was just worrying about it, since we're still growing up. I will always, always wait for him no matter what. But We love each other both more then anything and want to be together forever. He also talked about hopefully getting based at possibly 2 close bases near me. If he works hard and is in top of his class he can choose. I have no doubts, hes my smart marine :). Nothing is set or confirmed, but i was really nice to hear what he was thinking about. With me, getting ready for college this year, all i can think about is being with him..and we wont be able to live together. As time goes on, we'll both open up more about the future. He got me promise ring for Christmas, i love it so much, its beautiful. I love that hes commiting to me, just a step before engagment. Altough id love to be engaged, im guessing he wants to wait until i graduate highschool ? Sometimes distance can change our minds to make things sooner! Im going to pray everyday that everything will work out and we will be close and strong. I know we can do anything, it will all be amazing. What more can i talk to him about the future? If any of you have comments or advice to talk to him more about future plans or anything, id love to listen to your perspective :) Thank you so much!

"Sometimes you have to learn how to be patient, and wait, not just for each other, but wait for everything" - me
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girl, me and you are like in the exact same boat. lol..My marine always talked about getting married and all after bootcamp, then after MCT. He finally proposed to me on my birthday, which was while he was on leave before he got stationed in Japan. I know you have to be scared, but just know that y'all have made it this far, and you can make it through everything else that comes your way! Y'all seem to have a very strong relationship, and as long as you guys stand together, you can conquer any task that stands in your way=) (i am learning that from experience). I start college this fall too, so I know what you mean. I just hope that college will make the time away from him go by that much quicker! But just remember that you two are in this together and that you both need to just keep thinking about all the good things that are yet to come in y'alls relationship! If you would like to talk just e-mail me at Cause trust me girl, I know what you are going through!!!

Thank you both so much :). I do agree, that he probably wants to wait a bit for us to grow together and in this military lifestyle. Ill keep busy and always faithfully support him. We can do it, i know we can. I dont mind waiting to get married, as long as we are always together :) Its what we both want. We just have to take everything day by day. Someday we'll live together too :) ill try talking to him more about it when i see him

Im so happy for you two! Talking about the future is great and exciting and Im happy yall are making plans, thats a big step! Just keep on being his support, and loving him the way you do. Yall are rock solid, distance is nothing when you truly love someone. That goes for waiting too!