Me And My Marine Are Taking A Break:( Advice Much Needed Please

Hey i really need some good advice here. My Boyfriend is at mos schooling in 29 palms ca. Its defintly put a big toll on our relationship because i guess hes trying to live the "Marine experience" and also trying to juggle me along. We somtimes  go a week without talking. I understand school is alot for him but he definlty has time to give me a five minute phone call. Hes even off on weekends. Ive had it to a point where im so hurt. I have been with him for a year and a half and its hard letting go the one you love. Everytime i ask him why he hasnt called or answred anny of my calls theres always an excuse saying my phone died or i lost my phone. I just dont see a point in waiting if obviously hes not going to wait for me. It hurts because hes totally fine with us taking a break. He acts like he could care less that im gone. I have done soooo much for him i dont understand how he could do this to me:(
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Thank you so much. Alot of things happened today and it just hurt even worse knowing i couldnt run to him and tell him my problems. It hurts so bad. He hasnt even tried to contact me. i really hope i start getting angry soon because all this sadness is really affecting me and my attitude. He said like 2 weeks ago that hes taking leave and coming home in march. Im really nervous because its going to hurt even worse seeing his face.

I am so sorry he's treated you so badly. But I agree with duhsers....good job with being so courageous, because I don't know what I would do in your shoes... I, and probably all women, are so proud of what you're doing. Sometimes we find it too difficult to let go and we just keep putting up with the sh** treatment for much too long. Just keep going. I know it must be so hard on you, but if you've come this far, then you can make it! And I am certain that you will find that perfect someone who will keep you in his mind all the time and WANT to make the effort!

by the way? its ok to hurt. youll soon find that will turn to anger in "why the hell doesnt he care, that stupid POS!!!!"<br />
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the anger stage is the best, but it will take some time for your heart to heal. as my old boss said when i told him i couldnt come in because of heartache at the last breakup, "make sure to take lots of chocolate and kleenex"

Bah, HE ended it and didnt care. And a few months later, every. freaking. time. (yep, i took him back twice) he'd be all like "i miss how beautiful your smile was, i love you so much, im so sorry i hurt you, i dont know what i was thinking."<br />
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The last time i DIDNT take him back, he had a really hard time with it. But screw him, I deserved and found better.<br />
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If he doesn't care, then screw him, ya know? It's better to get out now then to BE in a relationship with him not caring!

Thank you so much. It means alot to me. I have been crying and crying and im just soo tired of hurting. Did your boyfriend care at first when you ended it? Thats whats killing me the most knowing that im gone and he could care less.

boo, i want to kick him in the balls for you!<br />
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that phone thing? bullshit. my ex would pull that allll the time. and yes, his phone got stolen, broken, randomly died, etc. but there's a REASON i wanted him to put my number on a piece of paper in his walet. is it that hard to borrow someone's phone for a few minutes? NOPE!<br />
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I already asked my husband, if his phone gets back service when they're at mohave viper (which he has verizon, so most likely it'll be **** service) to borrow a friend's phone. He agreed!<br />
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Good for you for being the strong one. You deserve someone who can't wait to call you, who will freak if his phone breaks and beg his neighbor in the barracks to borrow his. <br />
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And the not understanding? Oh I totally get that. The majority of fights with my ex were about how I was willing to wait and he just wanted to do what he wanted to do and took me for granted that I'd be around. Haha that man is STILL hurting from the last breakup, and he deserves it, he treated me horribly!<br />
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Good luck, hun. Hopefully he'll come around soon. But I'm SO proud you're not putting up with less than you deserve!!!