Hi my name is Sam. My boyfriend Chad is away at boot camp. We have been dating for 3 years and this is the hardest thing we have gone through. I have been waiting for his letter all week and I got it today! I was so happy : ) He is doing good. I am here to meet people who are going through the same thing as me. I really don't have many people to vent to at home because none of them have had to go through what we are going through.  
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hey i'm Sam too but my husband is Jason and we were also going out for nearly three years before he shipped off to boot camp lol!! Sweety i know that at this point there's so many things going on in your head right now and thats ok crying, getting mad, being upset that is all ok you need to go through that and i think everyone here went through it too but the difference is we all got back up again dusted ourselves off and became stronger because of it both as indivduals and couples. Boot camp for me was a time where i got to know me again and who i was that time wasnt as bad as i thought it was hard but it was the first taste of things to come and i found out who the real me was. Take up new hobbies, excersise go to a coffee shop by yourself and read a freaking book (do you know how cool that is!) do things you've always wanted to that your man never really wanted to and then write about it to him just be yourself he's safe and you trust him and trust me on this in a couple of months you going to write a story or comment and think omg it honestly wasnt as bad as i made it out to be!! Stay strong stay positive write often and support him and know that you are going to have bad days and that's fine but go with them and then start over again!! Good luck!

thanks for the advice. I write him everyday. I tell him I love him and I try to stay positive in my letters.

My husband has been at boot camp for a little over two weeks now. Ive met a few pretty cool chicks who have their guys at boot camp too. (I found a forum called recruitparents.com and there is a place for wives, fiances and gfs) I write my recruit at least once a day and if I just want to feel a little closer, I write two. It's tough, but they are following their dreams. All we can do is support them and stand by them. We all know it will be more than worth it when graduation day comes and we get to see them again. Just remind him everyday how much he means to you and how proud you are. That motivation feeds the fire and when you get positive letters back, I am sure it will make time fly by. Feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk.

Hi! I remember those times! My fiance went to boot camp in June of 09 and has been stationed at pendleton ever since. Sam my name is Lauren. I know exactly what you are going through. My best advice, is write him a letter a day. Whether its big or small, thats what will keep him going. My marine said that was what kept him going was that he knew everyday he got at least one letter from me. I remember crying at night for all 13 weeks, but that sunday before he graduates boot camp, when they get to use the phone, that moment when you hear his voice again, its the best feeling in the world. I cried the minute he said he babe cause i heard his voice. if you need anything, im here. :D