Wedding Planning So Far.... 2/28/11

so planning is going well so far. i just need some advice about how to explain to my marine fiance that 100 people is a small guest list. he was never close to his extended family but i am. his arguement is that he'd like to know at least half of the people at the wedding, but i figure he's gotta meet them sometime haha. it'll be a military wedding - or at least part military wedding - so i had read on a website that we are supposed to invite his commanders/officers. so my idea of the guest list was between 300 - 400. the list that i have made up so far is made up of my imediate family & some extended family, my bridesmaids - obviously - his best man, his imediate family, his aunts & uncles (pretty much just the names he's given me....) & a few of my friends.... there are still quite a few of my friends not on the list yet and he has yet to email me a list of people he wants to invite.... lol. i never expected this to be a "small" wedding haha.

i'm also trying to not get ahead of myself in the process, seeing as there is still about a yr & a 1/2 before the wedding.... we're planning for next june. which is also the month one of my younger sisters will graduate from high school. so within one week there'll be a graduation & a wedding lol. but it worked out - cody & my sister talked it over - because my aunts, uncle, and grandparents from arizona will be up here in minnesota for the graduation. so we're planning the wedding around graduation. it'll be a busy few months before. i do not in any way want to take away from her graduation so we've already talked about not bringing up the wedding much at her graduation party, that way its her day :) i want it to be special for her.

within the next few weeks - probably over spring break - i'll be going to the church to see if its available on that date. also trying to figure out the little details such as what music is acceptable for a wedding in a catholic church, i need to figure out how we're doing the premarital counciling being as cody is in washington state & im in minnesota haha. skype really comes in handy. if anyone has any advice please let me know :) it is very much appreciated!
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i hope everything works out :) let me know

he is currently in Bangor, Washington guarding nuclear weapons for - what he says - is a guaranteed 2 yrs.... so that makes it an ideal time to get married. the funny thing is that he says that all guys around there who have guarded the nucs only have daughters lol. i found that entertaining. but he graduated in september so he's been in for about 7 months or so. when he was in VA he requested going to WA but could have been put in fast company & be deployed all the time.... its a huge relief for both of us at this point. im not looking forward to deployment at all. our date is June 9th whens urs??