My Marine Boyfriend

i havent seen him in a couple months now.  and it sucks and hurts even more because he missed a few important dates. such as new years, my birthday, our one year and valentines day.  And i recognize that its not his fault and that he has no control, but that doesnt mean im not going to hurt inside.  Im a female and im not a brick wall.  He did surprise me on christmas though. best surprise ever.  so, i work nights. meaning like 11pm tp 7am or 8am sometimes.  and he knows this.  so one night i only worked till 430 am. btw, i work at target. haha. but anyways, he was calling me asking when i was going to be home tonight, cuz hes not sure he can talk to me before school and stuff, hes in oaklahoma and hes two hours ahead of me.  so we talk at odd hours.  and i  said ill be home in twenty ill call you then. so ten minutes later he givevs me a call back and says he has to go now and that he will call me before school. so we said our goodbyes then i get home and i get another call from him and im really confused and i answer and he says sorry false alarm, you almost home and i said yeah, then he was like let me call you back really quick, so we hung up then he texts me and tells me to check my front door. and i was like uhhh, okay. so when i do i find an envelope that says, "i love you princess" on it. then when i look up hes walking up to my door. and i almost melted! it was the best surprise everrr! then we got to cuddle in eachothers arms. and i couldnt sleep because i was so excited that he was really here it felt like it was a dream. almost fake! so id open my eyes every five minutes to see if he was still here. it was amazing.  but on to something else, the other day, i found out my marine has a 99.9% chance he'll be stationed in North Carolina.  and that makes me really sad becuase we were both shooting for San Diego.  Becaus ei was going to transfer schools and finish school down there and then eventually move in with him.  But to me, him and i have already done the impossible.  I know we're going to get through anything that decides to get in our way.  we were only together two months before he left for bootcamp.  the other 8 months, hes been my united states marine. and he makes me proud every day.  and knowing the marines will never send him to battle because hes too valuable makes me happy.  im glad he knows three jobs, and cant be sent anywhere because that gives me something to stress less about. 
i love my marine with all my heart. and cant wait to go see him march 11th in oaklahoma for a weekend!
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We knew what we were signing up for by staying with him thru this. Theres families that are having kids and are raising kids while their husband is deployed in other countries, sometimes infantry. Just stay strong, yes we are emotional..i wont get to see my marine for 4 months too. We just have to remember that we cant give up, we have to be strong in ourselves and in our relationship for them. It sounds so fairtytale when he has suprised you! :) How sweet! My boyfriend sent me flowers for our anniversary in february. I loved the goregous flowers. In the military we really cant plan for things because things change and un unpredicable like where they go for schooling and certain dates when they are supposed to start. Just keep your head up high and if your feeling done just tell him you love him so much and cant wait to see him again :) We're all in the together girl, itll be okay!

of course! cuz we alllll know we all get real emotional at times! at least i know i do! especially cuz i do too much and overwhelm myself.

I agree! My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 months now and he leaves next week for Japan. It's nice to see that there are others out there that are going through the same thing. We just have to hang in there and stick together!

I luv this makes me think how my relationship is going to go bc it's brand new n he's in japan<br />
Ha bt gdluck with everything