I Miss My Boyfriend

my boyfriend and i known eachother for over 8 years and been dating for a lil while now. I love him dearly and he is deploying to afganistan and i dont want him to go, but i have no say. im in college but its not helping me hes all i think about. I have been so sick because i miss my man. He and i have been through so much and we get eachother and he is only twenty one and im nineteen but we want to get married and i dont know if ill have that chance ... i cant even imagine how hard it'd be if we had kids. im just having a hard time coping,
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I miss my boyfriend so much, i understand how you feel. Im a senior in highschool and ill be going to a university this august. My boyfriend is across the country and my parents wont even let me see him. This time now and summer is what i have to visit him until ill be busy in college. I want to see him sooo bad and my parents are extremely protective and wont let me visit him. <br />
You both can work thru it though, dont give up! We have to stay strong and confident and not let anyone get us down. Sometimes we all have our bad days, but we cant let the distance get to us. You and him are growing everyday in your relationship, we all have had a past and things have happneded. We grow together being far away but that doesnt mean we'll never marry them. If you want to be with him always, just wait :) itll be okay! Sometimes i think about and have told my my is that even though we want to live together and be married we have to wait. We have to wait for eachother and for when the time is right and we're both ready. itll happen :)

I agree with hillybillydeluxe completely.<br />
You have to get in the right mindset to get through this.<br />
Before my husbands first deployment I had to take time to analyze my thought process and make and effort to alter it. I accepted the fact that he was going to deploy and i was going to miss him and I was going to be worried but that this is what he wanted to do and God would protect him.<br />
I thought about his specific job and thought about others jobs that were more dangerous. I became thankful his job wasnt more dangerous even though I knew it would definitely be dangerous.<br />
My husband wanted to deploy, he is extremely strong and I felt confident that he was as prepared as one could be...I knew that he was confident in the guys that would be in his truck and that eased my mind as well. <br />
Before he left I decided that I was going to write as many letters as I could. I know that there is and unspoken competition between the guys as to whose s/o sends the most letters and packages..and who sends the best stuff. Wanting to 'win' that competition drove me to write more and to get creative.<br />
It seemed like I could be strong and hold myself together until a few days before my period. That week would be rough, I would break down, and then I'd pull myself back together and keep driving on.<br />
Focus on your school work, if you have too much free time get a job or volunteer, don't let yourself sit around dwelling on it. Good luck hun!<br />
<br />
As to getting married I always suggest waiting until after the first deployment. You need to see how he's going to handle everything post deployment before you're ready to committ your life to him.

I think you need to change your attitude, and things will get better. I know it's hard not to think of the negatives, but doing so will only bring you - and him - down. Of course you don't want him to go, but he is going and neither of you can change that. What he needs is your positive support, and the feeling that you are going to be strong through this process. Yes, its hard to do that, I am aware, but it will eventually make the entire thing a lot easier to handle. If you ever need to talk, shoot me a message, unless you think i'm a stone-cold ***** already, some people do. But being realistic and rational about things is very important.